Words maybe strong and have a lot of meanings…. but as long as I know what’s true about me

Words don’t hurt me

If you cross the line, then I will payback in kind to your harsh words

I know what’s true, I know what’s a lie

I know who I am

No matter what you say

Words will never hurt me

You lie through your teeth just to hurt someone else

Did someone stab you with harsh words?

No need to do the same to someone

Try using kind words

Words have a lot of meaning

If you us the right ones

Then no one will have the need for harsh and painful words




Appearances mean nothing.
Even the most beautiful of people.
With their sweet smiles and giggles.
Could turn into the darkest of murderers.
With their sickening smirks and deep evil laughs.


You never know


As the days passed by, all the faith and trust that was once as strong as a rock began to loosen up into tiny fragments of loneliness, betrayal, sorrow, scattered all around me. The pain is too strong. I am fighting very hardly only hoping that ultimately, all this is just worth the cause. I know that I will not give up, but sometimes giving up just seems right, to see if things would get better if I weren’t a fighter. To see if still an iota of care and concern existed. But I am scared, scared to discover that I am a fool to have stayed around waiting for nothing. People easily move on and I was foolish to wait, to trust that after a dark and long, cold night has passed, will the bright and warm and joyful morning surely arrive. But sometimes, the sun is just too lazy to come up and the morning is still dark and cold, just to indicate that the storm has not passed. It is just to come. You never know.

The path of life

we all seem to walk down the path of life
some moving faster
than some of us might
some make a wrong turn
as the rest takes the right
some speed to be first
as some take it slow
we will all make it their
all in good time
so lets take it slow and walk down this path and enjoy the happy path of life



In all honesty, a writer probably has the most freedom on Earth. Even though most of them are judged insane, they do not trap themselves under lies and lost hopes. Writers let their imaginations run rampant in their minds. Every person has the ability to become a writer. We all are packed full of imagination when we are born. But only those who free their imagination can transform into true writers.


Imagination is a wonderful thing, capable of making us do anything. Imagination is filled with love, hope, horror, joy, tragedy, and sadness. Yet it is the most difficult thing to understand. It is a free spirit, and will not be caged. Some people trap it in the darkest, deepest, and scariest parts of their minds. Allowing it to whither and die. The average person usually lets their imagination run wild, yet most of them rarely listen to it. Writers let their imagination run free, and they listen to it. It tells them wonderful things, and good writers write down these wonderful things. Turning them into colorful creations of life.

Some call it beautiful, others are disgusted by it. But how can people criticize things like The Raven, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sherlock Holmes, Shakesphere, The Alchemist, and so much more. Those books have brought joy to the world, and no one can really truly argue with  that. Those people are the trappers, and will never understand what it really means to be a writer


Have you ever felt that feeling whenever you see someone, you freeze and your heart starts to beat so fast and you have to hold on to something so you wouldn’t fall? Sometimes when they talk to you, do you utter stupid words and end up embarrassing yourself? It’s not that you want it, but just the presence of that person makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time. Would you be brave and admit your feelings? What if it’s simply not meant to be, do you give up? Or keep trying and end up with nothing? Well, that’s love. Its irony speaks, but you got to take risks to get answers. When you meet someone and you gradually fall in love with that person, try to express your love to her because every moment you wasted would be equal to tons of regret in the end. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they are gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry they won’t hear you anymore.


The love you can’t have lasts the longest, feels the strongest and hurts the most. It’s so hard pretending to be friends with someone special when every time you look at that person it just hurts even more knowing that all you see is ultimately everything that you want but you can’t have. Isn’t it stupid when you say, “no, I don’t love that person anymore.” But still, when the memories are refresh and that person become visible again in your life. You’ll stare and say, “Damn it! Why can’t I forget you?” So each time I see you, I say to myself, “I moved on.” Each time you smile at me, I say to myself, “yeah, were just friends!” But every time you look at me, I end up saying, “Shit! It’s so hard to pretend!” It’s hard to love someone who is not serious enough. Time would give you chances to talk, chances to be together and chances to share. See how it hurts?! You only have chances, just chances.

A heartbreak isn’t as loud as a bomb exploding. Sometimes it can be as quiet as a feather falling and the most painful thing is no one really hears it except you. You can handle the pain that you feel and make others believe that you can move on. But you can never deny the truth to yourself that the person who failed and hurt you is still the person you’ll choose to love. I cried so many times because of a love lost and a love I never really had. I suffered pain worse than dying. But feelings change and there’s one lesson that everybody should learn in time…move on. You can’t finish a book without closing its chapters. If you want to move on, then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages. Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress. It’s a lifetime venture in which we are always learning, discovering and growing. The greatest irony of love is letting go when you need to hold on and holding on when you need to let go. We lose someone we love only when we are destined to find someone else who can love us even more than we can love ourselves. Learn to appreciate the rainbow after cursing the rain. It’s just like loving again after experiencing pain. Loving someone can’t be proven with just the way you feel, the words you say or the things you give. If you’ve ignored yourself and sacrificed your own happiness for the one you love, you know what love means.

True happiness

Over the last couple of months, I have learned new life-long lessons

When I was younger, I never thought about serious things. I just thought that somehow my life would have no complications. I know, how naive. But I always thought that everything would be perfect in my life and I would always be happy. Now, I know how stupid those thoughts were, but I also know how everyone in this world wants a life that has no complications, no hurt, no suffering, no pain. I believe no matter how evil a person is, a person only wants happiness out of their life. But some people never find that happiness, which eventually leads the person to feel so empty and hopeless that they end up hurting themselves or others. It is truly sad to think that some people never find true happiness because they gave up. People give up because there is no meaning in life if you don’t find true happiness.


By true happiness, I don’t mean temporary happiness that money, sex, drugs, alcohol, or other things bring. I mean happiness that comes from simple things. Happiness that comes from loving someone so much that you would give up your life for them, or spending time with your family. Or being nice to someone. This will probably sound corny (heck, this whole thing is corny) but there is no words to describe the feeling you get when you do something good. To me, it is a blessing to experience true happiness. Everyone has different ideas of happiness, but once you experience true happiness, everyone gets the same feeling, which of course is happiness.

But the road to true happiness isn’t easy. At all. But as someone always said to me, the tough things in life make you stronger. During tough times, you certainly don’t think that way, but it’s true. When you look back at all the hard times in your life and how upset you were, I think all of us think to ourselves “Why was I so upset?” Whether you like it or not, the tough times in life are essential to finding true happiness.

But remember in the end, all the awful people in your life lead you to meeting the loved ones in your life. I hope everyone lives life to fullest and finds their true happiness.

I hit wall

Stars are circling my head.I’m confused and dazed. A pain is shooting across the top of my head.


I’ve hit a wall. Why can’t I keep going, this wall feels like it was put up at the last minute.I didn’t see it and now I’ve crashed. I’ve gone down this way before and the road was clear. Now these obstacles in the way are making my life so much harder. What was once a clear smooth road now feels like bumps, holes and now this wall. This 20 foot wall I can’t climb it, I cant walk around it. What can I do to continue on, I feel helpless, my breath is short and my chest feels constricted. As I brush off the daze and my headache subsides I get nervous, depressed and worried will I be able to get to the other side will I have to turn back will I be stuck….