Life’s Truths

It is in the darkest times in your life that you discover the truth.

About you and the people that inhabit the world you live in.
You learn about life long friends that seem to ignore your pain.
You find that a casual acquaintance is the first to peek beneath the false mask of happiness.

But it’s not just you.
You open your eyes
When you glance around,
you notice more
You ask questions

You find that the seemingly perfect straight A student has a questionable past,
The girl who always seemed so confident in herself admitted to having bulimia
The talented artist you admire cuts them-self

You find that you’re not alone…
Everyone is a little messed up
Everyone has secrets.

It is in the darkest days that you listen, you learn.
People may not see you’re pain
But you see theirs

The question is…What do you do?




I’m still working out the kinks but this is the general idea…
I would like some feedback about this piece of literature



We lie

We say things we don’t mean
We act as though everything is fine
We divert attention away from us and hide behind false truths
We walk with our heads held high but cower with confrontation
We speak of joy and happiness
We lie


Life is a Coin it has Two stories

When Life Doesn’t tell Both sides of Your Story
I Say just leave the way it is,
let people Keep their Version of Their Story,
And Let You Keep the whole Truth,

Cause its Never enough to convince the masses…
It’ll Always Be a one sided story,
It’s Society,
Everyone Has Their Own Version of How They perceive Your life,

Its all a Show for them…
They won’t approach you To even ask “What really Happened?”
Nor will they Flip the Coin in that Matter…
Its all There for them to their Liking





Our existence is a mere perception.
We are nothing, and everything simultaneously.
We stroke our egos, to sustain our self containers.
We hope endlessly across the universe, subdued.
Call me crazy but aren’t we all waiting for something… seeking truth?
My now is eternal, my this second, is forever.
Our reality is interchangeable, our truth is negotiable.


Realms of consciousness 
Exalted bliss to be found within
Lamentations of pain, let it all go
Eagles sight set on the future, sailing
All on the winds of change I see the truth
Sadness is the mask worn until the souls’ beauty 
Escapes from the past, a beautiful dream is realized





A heart does not have eyes,
so it is blind,

Love you

A heart does not have ears,
so it is deaf,

But a heart does have a beat,
and it beats for you, my love.