Cold Feeling

I offered salt to the
sea, heat to the sun, and
love to the moon; they
told me, this isn’t enough

I offered my soul to
the devil; he said yes,
this will be just fine

__cold___by_xpastasketcherx-d5nonez (1)


Top of the Sky

The clouds on my last flight.Enjoyed my time above the clouds! Great flight! An ocean of clouds & awesome Sunrise !!Epic !!!

Tears from the skies

Tears from the skies, weeping in sorrow,

Rivers trickling down cars.

Leaves hanging forlornly from damp, arid branches, encased in,

Tears From The Skies.

Telephone wires, strung firmly in the gloom-ridden trees,

Necklaces, with nature’s beads, droplets of water.

Perpetual falling of,

Tears From The Skies.

Roads decorated with puddles,

Ripples dancing in the minuscule pools.

People sprinting down the road, covering themselves from,

Tears From The Skies.

O bleak rainfall,

When gazed at, the acherontic scene depresses India,

My country is crying.

Tears of the skies…


Drip rain,Drop rain

The sky drips
Iridescent tears. Water flows
Through gutters
Onto a bucket like a drum, a heart beating.
It cries harder
Upon the earth leaving trails; we run from it and take cover.
We look up at the sky
From underneath our umbrellas.


A steady drum, it drips in musical beats,
And falls in sheets.
We look out from our homes through thick glass windows
We look out with dry eyes


(I was going to type this yesterday , but work got in the way )

Its raining  outside! I have been waiting for it to rain all week !!!