Dina’s second face

Dina's second face

It took 3 hours to sketch this beautiful art by Dina Ahmed, my best friend 😀 


Dina Sketches

Today i want to share about my Facebook friend and also dearest friend & her sketches.She helps me sketching characters from my short stories.

Her name is DINA AHMED (She is the only one with that name on this planet XD i guess) She is 18 years old and she live in the Australia . She is kinda positive person and always laugh.The things that she really wanna do in the future is making more fantasy art and creative drawings. She have so many ideas in my mind that she wanna draw.She wanna make art that really comes from her heart. Her dream is to make art that gives other people hope or something where you can look at and escape reality for a moment. She still have a long way to go.

I love people who are creative and see the world from a different kind of view.

Few of her sketches

1.Latest digital Pic and her name is ANOOKA


206791_303756079743185_633087142_n (1)


2. Pencil art – Moksha20121203194045

Another pencil art of Moksha


Color sketch -Hatred