Hearts are canvases
Strangers will paint

I thought I’d base this one off how people tend to shape who we are and can change us at any given time depending on their actions, but also while remembering that the people we’re so close to and changed us were once strangers too.

Once I used to love

Once I used to love

Poured my heart in deep love

Hoping for greatness

Now, that is all cast away

I am now beside myself



Two Years Later

She asked him gently, “Do you love me?”
In his long silence, she found closure,
And left her love under a willow tree.


Sometimes, it is the simple questions that give us the answers that are most difficult to bear.

Let your burden go.

You deserve better.
I found better in K. But it took a lot of hurt before I could be happy with him again. I am blessed to have someone like K to have made it easy.


Words maybe strong and have a lot of meanings…. but as long as I know what’s true about me

Words don’t hurt me

If you cross the line, then I will payback in kind to your harsh words

I know what’s true, I know what’s a lie

I know who I am

No matter what you say

Words will never hurt me

You lie through your teeth just to hurt someone else

Did someone stab you with harsh words?

No need to do the same to someone

Try using kind words

Words have a lot of meaning

If you us the right ones

Then no one will have the need for harsh and painful words


Big Brother

Growing up is not a hard time,

because you were there for me,

In each day of my life,

you make me feel safe and free.


Though at times I’ve been naughty and silly,

your patience never tires at me,

whenever I make mistakes,

you’d smile and say “it’s ok”.


Now as we both grew older,

I can’t help but smile and wonder,

are we going to stick together,

or be apart from each other.


Because dear brother I must say,

I love you wholeheartedly,

though I know someday we’ll part ways,

I’ll be strong enough as you taught me to be.


-Ailene Openiano

Up’s and Down’s

If someone is having issues, don’t pester about it because you’ll most likely make the situation worse. If they’re willing to tell you, hear them out; however, if they wish to keep it to themselves, give them space until they feel ready to speak to you about their problems… until then let them know you’re there when life has its ups and downs.



You, yes you, you should write that stuff down… It may save your ass one day.