Our existence is a mere perception.
We are nothing, and everything simultaneously.
We stroke our egos, to sustain our self containers.
We hope endlessly across the universe, subdued.
Call me crazy but aren’t we all waiting for something… seeking truth?
My now is eternal, my this second, is forever.
Our reality is interchangeable, our truth is negotiable.


Sitting here
Takes the time away.
And as time slips, I focus,
Only to become lost in thought.

I cherish this moment,
Steeped in blissful quiescence.
For at this time,
I am not weighed by labels.

At this time,
I am neither student nor boyfriend
Nor the son of my parents, nor Indian
I am human, I am alive.

Reality pervades in intervals, though.
Bringing with it the sum of my problems.
In waves of fractured glass, I am submerged,
Immersed in reflections
And for those moments
I merely exist among myself.

But like the ocean, reality recedes
I stare as it makes its way back into its crevice
As a result, reality becomes clear
I become filled with understanding.

Beginning to lose focus,
Slipping back into objectivity.
As tenses begin to make sense
I tense and assume the proper pretense

Until the next moment comes.reader_by_ka_92-d4qvxtr