Dinner With Stranger

Share a meal with a stranger– chances are they’ll share life with you while they eat.


I had dinner with a kind homeless man last night. First time I have ever had dinner with a complete stranger, but it was very nice! — at Venky’s.

Over dinner, we talked about everything — movies, culture, society, politics, music, photography, education…the list goes on. There was little unnecessary small talk, no awkward pauses and no silences in conversation. The two of us talked like we were old friends. It was an incredible experience that will stay with me for a while. In reference to the quote from the main page, in that moment I feel like I was actually living and not just existing.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What makes you feel like you are living and not just existing?


The black dot of shame

Of all G20 nations in the world, India is named as the worst country in case of security for women..

Then how could India claim herself to be the greatest democracy??? With 29 states and almost 100+ cultures all knitted together under our motherland we are proud to preach loud about “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

  • But guys….think over..is this an India of our Gandhiji’s dreams???
  • Is for assaulting and raping women he sacrificed his own life and bought us freedom?????

Not only our bapuji..There were thousands of Indians who sacrificed their present to build our future…and what are we doing now???? Aren’t we ashamed to misuse the freedom that we got by shedding blood of thousands of Indians who craved for freedom?? Our preamble justifies equal rights for all individuals without discrimination of sex..and now India doesn’t allow her women to walk safely on streets!!!!!!


Awake India…there is no existence for you without women…!!!! Where did our culture of respecting and treating women as the light of each home go???? Its high time to open up our eyes and arms stretch out and stand against the evils….we have to build an India where justice to womankind has highest priority…All are humans…and our ultimate aim has to be to wipe every tear from every eye..and as long as there are tear and suffering our work will not end….

I Protest Till
Crime Subsides
Brutality Ends
Justice Prevails