Take Every Chance, Drop Every Fear

Take every chance,
Drop every fear,
You should know by now,
You don’t belong here.

You’re bigger than this place.
I guess you just need more space,
There’s no use being a big fish in a little pond…
You’ll make us all look bad when we correspond.

By time you all start,
I’ll already be finished.
You’ll be far away,
By the time we all end



Sleepless Mind

When I close my eyes

I see black and all the colors

Moving round just as clouds do

I paint pictures on the lids

Of my eyes just like a grid

They turn to places people and things

And soon they turn into dreams

My thoughts go quiet

My mind go’s calm

Then I lay silent

As they speak to me my soul

Shapes are in all my mind

And now I find I’m fast asleep

No more sleepless nights

No more endless racing

No more worries

No more cares

I found my center

I lost my fear

Now it’s off to bed

For this worried mind

And all I have now

Is a peaceful night



Imperfect Life

I look at my life
In the palm of my hand
And see many things
And a whole new land

Nobody’s perfect
And or am I
But I can see wonders 
In my soft blue sky

It shows me my dreams
It shows me my fears
But when I let go
My vision clears


I know who I am
I don’t want to change
If I was another
I wouldn’t know pain

I know how it feels
To be torn to shreds
But its built up my strength
I know what to dread

I have been strengthened
By my imperfect life
But I’ll live to the full
I wont be cut by its knife


I’m writing poetry again after so many weeks !

So, recently i learned that no matter how crap your life seems at one moment, no matter how much you think no one cares, there’s always something good about it.
I’ve learned that instead of wallowing in misery i should look at the bigger picture, focus on the good things rather than the bad and when i am going through bad times, just get though it because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Because when reach that light, I’ll be a stronger person inside and i’ll be able to cope with more, and i just need to love who i am because that’s all i am gonna get and its the best thing can give to the world.

I hit wall

Stars are circling my head.I’m confused and dazed. A pain is shooting across the top of my head.


I’ve hit a wall. Why can’t I keep going, this wall feels like it was put up at the last minute.I didn’t see it and now I’ve crashed. I’ve gone down this way before and the road was clear. Now these obstacles in the way are making my life so much harder. What was once a clear smooth road now feels like bumps, holes and now this wall. This 20 foot wall I can’t climb it, I cant walk around it. What can I do to continue on, I feel helpless, my breath is short and my chest feels constricted. As I brush off the daze and my headache subsides I get nervous, depressed and worried will I be able to get to the other side will I have to turn back will I be stuck….