Dina’s second face

Dina's second face

It took 3 hours to sketch this beautiful art by¬†Dina Ahmed, my best friend ūüėĬ†



Listen to Rain

Sitting outside
Sitting inside
It’s soothing
How it gently taps our windows
Admired by some
But hated by others

It looks as it fell from heaven
Fallen to the ground
Cooling down our world
Perfect little drops

Doesn’t it feel good when it softly lands on your faces?

If you listen carefully
You can hear it sing you a soft lullaby
Even though it can come as a terrible storm
Listen to it’s soothing weeps
Listen to it’s soothing cries
Listen to it’s soothing words

Can you feel why its here?
Can you see why it’s here?
Have you ever seen people dance in it or play?
They are some how gifted

Listen to it
Try to pick up what it tells
You may need it in the future




Rain – A poem for INDIES IN ACTION- for a charity anthology for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.


I sit

And watch

As the rain drops 

fall in front of me,

at my sides,

and even behind me.

As I watch them through hazy eyes and my own dripping water,

I wonder.

I sit and wonder.

Do rain drops

Get lonely


With all those other rain drops with them..

Do they feel like me?

To feel alone.

Is a pain I would wish on no one else.

A wish 

I wish was granted to me


To bear everyone’s pain.

To give them relief,

From the burning heat.

To show them to the water,

To let them quench their thirst.

But to make mine even worse.

I wish I could just take everyone’s pain

Bottle it up inside me

And let others

Be happy.

And maybe

If I died

If I did it myself, or someone else did it

I can take the pain with me

and destroy it.


Sleepless Mind

When I close my eyes

I see black and all the colors

Moving round just as clouds do

I paint pictures on the lids

Of my eyes just like a grid

They turn to places people and things

And soon they turn into dreams

My thoughts go quiet

My mind go’s calm

Then I lay silent

As they speak to me my soul

Shapes are in all my mind

And now I find I’m fast asleep

No more sleepless nights

No more endless racing

No more worries

No more cares

I found my center

I lost my fear

Now it’s off to bed

For this worried mind

And all I have now

Is a peaceful night



Drip rain,Drop rain

The sky drips
Iridescent tears. Water flows
Through gutters
Onto a bucket like a drum, a heart beating.
It cries harder
Upon the earth leaving trails; we run from it and take cover.
We look up at the sky
From underneath our umbrellas.


A steady drum, it drips in musical beats,
And falls in sheets.
We look out from our homes through thick glass windows
We look out with dry eyes


(I was going to type this yesterday , but work got in the way )

Its raining  outside! I have been waiting for it to rain all week !!!

So Beautiful

I want to tell you that you are beautiful

But I don’t merely want these words heard

I want them felt by you

Because you should feel as beautiful as you are

It’s not just your eyes that make you beautiful (though they seem to always invite my awe-struck gaze)

And it’s not just your hair (though the strokes of light in each strand illuminate everything around you)

And it’s not just your smile (though it reminds me to enjoy life instead of focusing on the struggles it brings)

And it’s not just your voice (which will always, always sweep me away from my sorrows and draw me closer to an¬†unexplained¬†happiness)

Or even your hands (though they sing my tension to sleep when I get to hold them)

It’s your heart…what I feel from your heart is what makes you beautiful in my soul. And you are so,so beautiful… Not only in my eyes, but in my life…

Words that just came to me. I wanted to tell her that she was beautiful, but I began hearling cliche phrases in my head…and I thought to myself ” how meaningless is it to say things that people have been saying for centuries?”. I wanted to be different

Hopefully I was