One Day

One day I’ll make history. 
One day I’ll prove to everyone that I am the best. 
One day everyone will know my name. 
One day everyone will want to be my friend.


I can’t believe how…old and kind of bad my old poems were. But yeah, here’s another one from like several years ago, based on true events.


Everyone Dies

Everyone dies. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Have you truly lived? What you have right now, life, what a precious gift. The things you could experience, the depths to which you could know yourself, to which you could feel and understand deeply and profoundly, even if only for one moment of awareness, these are yours and yours alone. And if you do not seek them, if you do not plumb the depths of the unique instrument that you are, what was the point of you? Explore, seek, wonder, love, feel, run, fly. Everyone dies. Take this chance to truly live.