To cold

On frozen nights when it is too cold to bleed,that is the time I am too afraid to dream.
Tears flowing in streams until I can’t breathe.
that is what I do best sometimes.
But how the stars shine that is when it speaks to me
I find myself wanting to know everything about it.
The voices in my head dwindle
They get louder and louder to were my ears bleed
I try and cover my ears but they are too loud to ignore
In the end though, I cowardly retreat.
Because I know they
Are to strong
Even for me….



In the Sky

Dreams float above me

miles and miles of blue

and plush white carries to unknown places


Darkness moves above me

storming light, it’s true

and nightmares against the anger traces.



Imperfect Life

I look at my life
In the palm of my hand
And see many things
And a whole new land

Nobody’s perfect
And or am I
But I can see wonders 
In my soft blue sky

It shows me my dreams
It shows me my fears
But when I let go
My vision clears


I know who I am
I don’t want to change
If I was another
I wouldn’t know pain

I know how it feels
To be torn to shreds
But its built up my strength
I know what to dread

I have been strengthened
By my imperfect life
But I’ll live to the full
I wont be cut by its knife


I’m writing poetry again after so many weeks !

So, recently i learned that no matter how crap your life seems at one moment, no matter how much you think no one cares, there’s always something good about it.
I’ve learned that instead of wallowing in misery i should look at the bigger picture, focus on the good things rather than the bad and when i am going through bad times, just get though it because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Because when reach that light, I’ll be a stronger person inside and i’ll be able to cope with more, and i just need to love who i am because that’s all i am gonna get and its the best thing can give to the world.

Dream-Depths of my mind

Crazy dream which i dreamed last night

When I went for walk through the depths of my mind,goodness knows what I expected to find.


But there were dragons enchanted and witches so fair.
And when I needed a rest, I just imagined a chair.

The space was timeless, no place was too far,
and if my legs couldn’t bare it, I thought up a car.

To drive to the zoo, where the humans were contained,
what a twist to real life, all the animals complained.

Then I thought up a spaceship,and flew up to Mars,
to dance on the craters and ponder the stars.

And then when I woke up, from the depth of my mind,
I pushed on a button and let it rewind!