Dream-Depths of my mind

Crazy dream which i dreamed last night

When I went for walk through the depths of my mind,goodness knows what I expected to find.


But there were dragons enchanted and witches so fair.
And when I needed a rest, I just imagined a chair.

The space was timeless, no place was too far,
and if my legs couldn’t bare it, I thought up a car.

To drive to the zoo, where the humans were contained,
what a twist to real life, all the animals complained.

Then I thought up a spaceship,and flew up to Mars,
to dance on the craters and ponder the stars.

And then when I woke up, from the depth of my mind,
I pushed on a button and let it rewind!


How much I care you

This is a spoken word poem that I just came up with. Sometimes, when we are in love we get the sensation that the person for who we have such feelings doesn’t realize how much we care about he or she, and that’s exactly what this poem is about. The need to do something astounding or amazing for those persons to realize how much we care for them.

Love u

Have I told you how much I care? Have I? No, I don’t think so.

Let me just whisper this words into the nothingness, into the wind in the hopes that they travel far enough and reach, even though vague or faintly, into your ear.

Yes, I do care for you and a lot, but something tells me you don’t realize that. 

The moments that we share I capture them, like a photo that goes straightly into a vault with the tag “memories for eternity”.

If you would just ask, I’d surely walk through a storm with you. 

I am not sure if this leaf of letters, soaring above the sky, will fall in the right place, which is your hand; so when it is there, at your palm, you might raise it to your ear and listen.

Listen that if necessary, I could even challenge gods, dragons, creatures of legend and embark on quests with odds; all to show you by actions, not just words, that I care about you.


Note: When someone cares reciprocally for us, there’s no need for such things. They see it in the little details.