One Day

One day I’ll make history. 
One day I’ll prove to everyone that I am the best. 
One day everyone will know my name. 
One day everyone will want to be my friend.


I can’t believe how…old and kind of bad my old poems were. But yeah, here’s another one from like several years ago, based on true events.



The same

i know that today
will be just yesterday
all over again

the clouds that forever
cast shadows over my life
are always above me

i always await
the sun to break through
and cast its light on me


there is never any end
to the continuous storms
that pervades my being

once one dark period ends
another takes its place
in an never ending cycle

tomorrow shall be the
same as today
full of dark clouds and gray skies


Spent my day with a girl,who doesn’t love me


It’s Tuesday morning,

I am at my office and working at my desk,

I am studying journals in mobile,

For this day I have no further plan,

Left hand in my pocket & with right hand I hold the mobile,

Still reading and walking in my floor,

Suddenly I saw my cell the girl name sweetie, who’s call,

I don’t know what happen to me, for the moment I forget me and all,

She says I want to go to cafeteria,

I just reply please wait for me; I am coming for you,

I reached there she waiting for me,

When I saw her she was in blue dress, but how can I say you are angel for me,

Still I am thinking what she thinks about me,

We move on to next place,

She just staring on my face,

Without even stopping she just talking & talking to me,

We are making sandwich to eat,

After that she walking with me,

When she see me in my eyes,

I am high on the sky,

Strange thing happen when she move away from me,

She separates her hand from me,

We spent some time in lonely place,

My memories running in deeper space,

I saw her deep brown eyes,

I am listening her sharp and blunt voice,

Sun goes up and time passed by I know I have no choice,

Now she wants me to go back to my desk,

When it’s time to leave, she just whispering with her smile,

I know it’s time to leave, what my heart still don’t believe,

Now she gone and I stand there alone, now she disappear from my eyes,

I don’t know what to say goodbye or just waiting for my heart cries,

This is all that, I spent my whole day with a girl, who doesn’t love me.

Tuesday Morning

It’s 5:30 on a Tuesday morning, and I’ve left myself time to sit and think. I’ll think about the weather outside and if it’s storming. Because 20 feet under the ground you can’t even hear the thunder rolling.
I’ll think about the afternoon and wonder if you’re watching the sun rise. Sometimes being late has it’s beauty, just because I’ll see the morning sky in all it’s glory.
I’m not sad, but I won’t pretend to be happy
being here gives me a sense of melancholy happiness.
I’ll be alright, I’ll just smile and skip
because when you’re 20 feet underground there’s a lot of time to play around.


I believe that how you start your day is probably how you will finish it. Today  I woke up and I was like today is going to be a fabulous day and it was. There’s an opportunity that I want and I’m going to make sure that I go for it. So many things lined up that made it easy for me to ask for what I wanted. It was kind of like God was looking down and saying OK Madhu, I can’t make this ANY easier for you haha. Go get what you want! But this year I’ve been trying to get into a morning routine. There are certain things I do every morning when I get up to set the standard for the day.


Today I went to Badruka College for admission and i was looking around at every corner of this spaced room is nothing but a silence. No one is there except me.After some time room was filled with all the students.Soon officials started admission process(Group Discussion + Personal Interview) and i am into group E, that was last group for GD. I was so tensed and nervous because this is my first GD.They took me into one class room along with other students for GD. The topic was “Today’s youth are Greedy“.They gave me five minutes to prepare for the topic and i took my mobile and making notes about the topic. One of the official from Badruka said not to use mobile and gave me piece of note to write. I don’t know how to start, where to start. I wrote lot in paper but nothing was good. Everyone started discussing the topic given. I started with “I want to share few things but i am little bit nervous cuz its my first GD and i want to go slow” and then started sharing my views and at last minute i shared about my personal experience , how much greedy i was before and also shared about Facebook founder Mark greediness towards his girl friends LOL. While discussing  i saw everyone’s eyes and mouth with wide open, I felt i made a impact there.I came to know officials impressed with their smiles and by how they treat me after GD.Everyone came to me after GD and asking about me, where i am from and where i work..etc. Later i attended personal interview and there i saw my score and it was full out of full and i was like YAY, the official admitted me into their B-School.

It was great day!

Until tomorrow everyone, create a wonderful day or night.


  • Visit Japan
  • Sky dive
  • Scuba dive
  • Long Bungee jump
  • Short Bungee Jump(14 April 2012)
  • Stay atleast 3 nights in  Las Vegas
  • Win Jackpot in a Casino
  • Make some money in a Casino
  • Talk to Steve Jobs (Striked off on 6 Oct 2011, as it can never happen)
  • Celebrate New Years eve at Times Square
  • See Rio Carnival
  • Meet my online friends (Priya,Gunjan,Swas,Nomita)
  • Attend a Fasion Show in Paris
  • Start  a software company(29 March 2012)
  • My photo on India today cover page
  • Start writing stories & Poems (3 Dec 2012)
  • Own a yacht
  • Go on a cruise for a week
  • At least have a glimpse of Mount Everest, if not climb.
  • Learn coding and make my own web app
  • Own an Galaxy s3  (2 Aug 2012)
  • Develop my own Android app(Forgot actual date)
  • Own a Royal Enfield Bullet Thunderbird
  • Start a venture capital fund
  • Have and maintain my website out of my own server at home
  • Appear on an International Television channel for a Good reason
  • Host a show on Life Style television channel
  • Teach kids
  • Learn French and Italian
  • Run a marathon
  • Learn Photography
  • Buy a Good camera
  • Sell atleast one of the photos I Click
  • See first sun rise at japan
  • Watch bull fight
  • Hop on to a bullet train
  • Trek during the night
  • Make 100 people laugh at same time
  • Exotic body massage ,followed by Jacuzzi(Hot tub bath)
  • Change hard disk in a notebook
  • Buy a life size teddy bear
  • Ride a horse
  • Go on a desert safari
  • Spot an UFO
  • Play games on game console non stop whole night
  • Build a Lego Eiffel Tower
  • Play Monopoly all night
  • Build some thing that every one uses
  • Make some money by blogging
  • Get 10K followers on Twitter
  • Taste Burgers in all the eateries in a city.
  • Buy a custom pair of sun glasses that suit my face
  • Collect miniature models of cars
  • Understand and successfully play a strategy game
  • Start a pod cast
  • Walk atleast 1 km on Great Wall of China
  • Make a short film
  • Attend Google I/O and Apple WWDC.
  • Buy a car(31 October 2012)
  • Participate in Radio controlled Car race
  • Eat a burger in 100 different cities
  • Have a room in my home with huge white board on one of the walls.
  • Visit all 7 continents ( Asia: Born here; North  America ; South America ; Europe; Australia; Antarctica,Africa )
  • Visit Grand Canyon
  • Win money on a TV game show
  • Go on a bicycle tour for atleast 100km
  • Attend a dance class (atleast for an hour)
  • Watch all IMDB Top 250 Movies

Great Day

It has been such a great day, and I’m just so so happy like before how i used to be.

After spending good time with Ranju,i reached home at around 2 i guess.I couldn’t sleep properly because of my brother,he was keep on disturbing me.I slept around 4 i guess but soon i woke up soon at 6 after getting a call from a sweetest person.After hearing to her voice  i felt like -Hey my new year just started.

I took my bath and got ready soon so that i can meet my childhood friends. I met Neethi and Sindhu around 10 :30 am .I met Sindhu after so many years , good to see her again.After meeting at one place we decided to go got GO CARTING at RUNWAY 9.It was fun travelling in bus talking,gossiping,laughing,taking snaps. After one hour of travelling we reached RUNWAY9.



It was first drive to Neethi and Sindhu. They were little bit nervous before , after one lap they were like WOW ITS AWESOME.I felt relived. Wish we could have more time so that we can spend some more time .We had so much fun taking snaps,giving poses,irritating carting workers.

After carting we rushed to dhaba for lunch. We went to Taj daba one of my favorite one . A non vegetarian like me its hard to order veg dishes from the menu. We ordered Manchuria,chilly paneer,Kaju paneer,naans,egg burji my fav one :D. After having nice food we had a small walk and later we started to home back.

It was a great day with my friends and enjoyed a lot.It was also a beautiful day in my eyes