Between reality and the dream world there is emotion.

Eveleen Sad



Meaning of my life

I don’t know what to write. It is as though some force is just making me put the words down. It’s beautiful. I cannot explain it. My life has been insane lately.Midterms. Tests.Stress.Assignments.Work. Way too much stress. I felt lost. My health was horrible lately. I am homesick. I was dealing with a difficult people. Feeling betrayed. Money. Everyone cares too much about money. Love. Love lingered. I was too caught up in the past. Behind. I couldn’t get over it. She still sticks around. Love truly never fades. It just transforms. Like a phoenix. Trapped inside. I feel as though I can love another. I have discovered friend love. I have felt lost, dazed, confused. But I am found now. My community, who I am. At least at the moment. There is something beautiful in temporary elated consciousness. Understanding. I have finally found the friend and maybe even friends who I always wanted. Who I always needed. Who I always knew I deserved. Beautiful people. Magical people. People who I love with all my heart who I never want to see hurt, upset, stressed, but who I want to by happy, and content. Who I love spending time with, and make me smile, always make me smile. I am happy. Grades are irrelevant to my sanity. My mentality. I cannot let simple words and letters on paper trap my soul to the irrelevant. To the suffocating. I am much more that numbers and words on paper.

I am MKalyan.


I am intelligent, loved, caring, kind, crazy, outgoing, insane, lovely, energetic, emotional, passionate, loving, earthy, worldly, open-minded, deep, light, and somewhere in between. I have so much to look forward to. So much to see. To do. To be. I can’t wait until travelling around World. Seeing the world. Absorbing cultures. Loving people. Seeing fantasy and beauty come to life. The world is amazing, I just have to pick my butt up and go see it. Immerse myself. The only roommate you have to live with for the rest of your life is yourself. You matter. I matter. Life matters. Let the cycle of conversions of matter and energy continue. Let us all into the body of overwhelming consciousness we were all born from. The pool of glowing light that birthed us onto this naked planet, exposed. Vulnerable. Pure. We all have something to look forward to. There is so much more for us out there. Life. Love. The pursuit of happiness. Making change, watching it happen, sitting under the warm sun on a spring day and just listening. Feeling your body present, in the moment. In that moment of being that matters. Those few seconds of complete peace. That is the meaning of life.


The more I’ve gotten into photography I’ve started to realize that people are a LOT like art itself… Just like for art we each have our own likes/interests in pieces of work, some like imaged art where some like written art. We all have the taste for art though whether it be music, photography, poetry, drawing, etc. We all have it in a different form and style.Even with everyone’s interests being different it all boils down to the exact same thing we all share “Art”. Just like we have in other people we all have different views on people everyone likes different aspects or qualities in others yet some people like the same person as others. Some like the cute energetic type which is like their drawing/painting. Some like the emotional let nothing hide type which is like their poetry and others like the sensual romantic loving type which is like their photography. We may even get our artistic thoughts from others whether it’s because we need to release an emotion or simply to show the person how much we care about them. But even with all of this the views we have for others just like with art boils down to one main thing we all have and that’s love. All art is about is the viewing of a certain emotion, scenery or even a thought.. and all Love is about is the viewing of ones personality, heart, or even looks.. so all in all with this said I believe it’s safe to say everyone has the artistic skill and everyone is like an extravagant work of art in someones eyes.


“The beauty in art is nothing else but the essence, the creation!”

Love with Imaginary Friend

A small verse from my fourth story, I just started writing where a girl  name Creya falls in love with her imaginary friend name Aryan.


I have so many things to tell you, my imaginary friend
You know, I’ve been alone
I don’t know how long
I’ve been thinking about doing some absurd things
That I never thought before
I was so happy, but it was a very long time ago…
I don’t remember how is to feel like that anymore
Love is so far away from me now
I guess, sometimes, I wasn’t born to receive it

My life is so uncertain…
Everybody knows what they’re going to do
in the next five years
I don’t know I’m going to do the next day…

Sometimes  I wish to close my eyes
and make the whole world disappear
And just exist me and you
My imaginary friend…

Dinner With Stranger

Share a meal with a stranger– chances are they’ll share life with you while they eat.


I had dinner with a kind homeless man last night. First time I have ever had dinner with a complete stranger, but it was very nice! — at Venky’s.

Over dinner, we talked about everything — movies, culture, society, politics, music, photography, education…the list goes on. There was little unnecessary small talk, no awkward pauses and no silences in conversation. The two of us talked like we were old friends. It was an incredible experience that will stay with me for a while. In reference to the quote from the main page, in that moment I feel like I was actually living and not just existing.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What makes you feel like you are living and not just existing?