Things to do when you’re bored

Things to do when you’re bored:

Things to do when you’re bored:

• Stand outside a nursing home as the Grim Reaper

• Wait around corners and scare random people

• Sign up for informational meetings and when you get there say ‘gosh darned it I thought this was about where to get drugs’ and then leave

• Go out and adopt fifty puppies

• Go to the park, get no higher than five feet, jump and scream ‘I can fly!’

• Travel to Area 51, and tell them a green alien looking thingy traveled out about an hour ago

• Make something, give it to someone, and then five minutes later scream at them to ‘give it back’

• Get a lemonade stand, give out free samples, then write on a clip board while saying aloud that they couldn’t taste the roofies

• Run into a store, ask what year it is, and when they tell you run out screaming ‘it worked!’

• Start dancing at a public place, then get mad whenever someone looks at you

• Go into an office building, wait in someone’s office, then when someone comes in say ‘I’ve been expecting you’ and claim you own the building.

• Steal someone’s phone, then replace all the numbers with fast food restaurants

• Name your dog ‘Dog’ and your cat ‘Cat’

• Buy a pet rock and ask why no one else does

• Write your own list of things to do when you’re bored.

• Go to the zoo. When you leave shout ‘run for your lives, they’ve escaped!’ while running as fast as you can.

• Go to any electronic store, change all the laptop desktops to the blue screen of death

• Change the ink cartridge to an empty one

• Go out naked, when people say something irritably say that you are wearing clothes, and that their one’s who are naked.

• Get three animals, write the #1 one the first one, #2 on the second one, and #4 on the third one. Release in a closed building and watch everyone go crazy for the third animal.

The story of the Goat who Gets the Gold

The story of the Goat who Gets the Gold


Authors: Gunjan Vyas,Madhu Kalyan

It was a quiet day in Tambola. A boar, a horse, and a goat were investigating a patch of grass. An elderly man was tending to the saloon when a wandering gunslinger made his way into the new town.

The man had been on the trail for a long time, and was looking for a saloon to quench his thirst. As he strolled down the road, he passed the animals and a community board. He took a moment to read a few of the posted notices, giving little attention to the critters and their grazing although he did notice what an odd grouping they made.

He may not have had much interest in the temporary herd… But they had taken interest in him. The goat and horse had been discussing ‘two leggers’, and why they tie things onto horses. This caused the goat to feel a bit nervous and curious when the gunslinger passed by them.

The goat turned to sniff the gunslinger. When she noticed the leather lacings hanging from his gun holsters, she became focused on these simple things. She started to walk towards the man but stopped since she was still a bit weary.

The gunslinger turned from reading the notices on the board when he heard the goat’s hoof steps behind him. He turned to see the little goat.

“Hi, goat.” he said.

“Baa,” was the reply he got.

“Did you want something, little one?” he asked the creature.

“Baa,” which is goat for ‘hello’ was the reply.

“Now I know I’ve been on the trail too long, I’m beginning to talk to goats,” he mused to himself and turned his attention back to the community board.

The thought that this human might be a friendly sort, the goat approached further. An idea was forming in her mind. Might she be quick enough to try and steal one of the lacing  She got to within a foot of the man, studying the leather straps.

Hearing the hooves again, he turned and glanced back at the goat. Trying to figure out what the small animal was doing, becoming suspicious as it inched closer.

Meanwhile the goat was formulating a complicated snatch and grab maneuver. Starting her daring feat, she moved to stand near the saloon porch. Not noticing that the gunslinger was now watching her, she kicked her back hooves on the dirt, getting ready to run.

The man bent down to investigate the goat. When he was half bent over, the lacings became within grabbing distance of the goat. She decided the time was perfect to make her attempt. In a flash of brown fur, she charged at him. Jumper up, bit off one of the leather straps. Then bounding off the gunslinger’s leg, she had accomplished her goal. Proudly she waved the lacing in victory.

The man was taken back by what had just transpired between the two of them. He just stood there and replayed the incident, trying to get a hang of it. Looking down at the goat, he realized what it had done.

“Why you little…” He grumbled and raised his fist in frustration.

His ego a bit bruised at having a goat pilfer one of his holster straps, he hurriedly tried to snatch it back from the nearby beast.

The goat was startled by the man’s lunge, and leaped clear. A few more attempts to get the lacing back, were made, but all ended in failure. The little goat was becoming quite brazen – this man seemed like a small challenge for her nimble hooves.

Becoming frustrated, the man drew out his pistol. He took a shot at the point near to the goat’s hooves. Hearing the loud sound, the goat hit him in the knees with her horns. This tripped him, and he fell to the ground. While he was trying to further shoot at the thieving animal. Two shots left the guns, as the man headed for the dusty ground. One lodged in the overhang of the saloon. The other ricocheted off the dirt, and ended up in the notice board.

The man was becoming very flustered by the actions of the mischievous hoofed bandit. He returned to his feet, and stared down at the furry little one. His mind becoming focused on regaining his now half eaten bit of leather.

The elderly gent in the saloon, had not yet taken notice of this little drama. The boar had since moved off, to paths unknown while the horse had been watching and cheering. Offering whinnies and calls for the victorious brown, leather snatcher.

Soon the gunslinger and goat were once again launching themselves past each other. One trying to capture, the other escaping. At one point, the little goat dashed under the porch planks, just out of the man’s reach. Poking her head out now and again,  she teased the human with his own leather.

While under the porch, she tripped on a small pouch and bent down to investigate. She picked it up, and while the man was catching his breath. She took the pouch onto the porch. She sat down, and while still holding the strip of leather, tried to rip open the pouch.

She became intent upon it and very curious about its contents.

So hypnotized was she by it, that she didn’t see the man coming closer to her with a most unfriendly look on his dust covered face. He slowly snuck up, and when close enough, he grabbed for the pilfered strap seizing it in luscious triumph.

At that same moment, the goat had worked a hole into the pouch. When the man yanked the leather from the jaws of the bothersome animal, three small shiny yellow nuggets fell from the bag plunking neatly onto the wood deck.

Both characters stopped their pursuits to take a moment’s notice of this. The eyes of the man widened, as he recognized the golden stone. The nostrils of the goat flared, at this new questioning thing. The two then looked at each other, and the goat leaped back with the bag of nuggets tightly held in her mouth, when she realized how close the human had come.

In the distance, the horse had found much enjoyment in watching these two combatants but was now tired and had pandered off to his stall. In the saloon, the aged barkeep was entertaining a local doctor. They were discussing marital relations, and bovine acquisitions, giving little, if any, notice to the drama just outside. A bleat from the goat did prompt a moments pause in the conversation, querying as to whether there was a sheep herder in town but the two soon continued on their previous topics.

Returning to the event on the porch, Our gunslinger was now down on one knee. Tentatively holding out the now drool and dust covered bit of leather trying to entice the goat, hoping to gain the bag of found stones. The goat, still very attached to it’s new treasure, turned, and let out an ill wind, pointedly refusing the offer.

“Come on. You wanted this, right?” tempted the gunslinger.

“Baa.” and a bit of gas, was the refused response.

“Well, I never..” exclaimed insulted human.

He made a grab for the legs of the critter. Successful, he pulled the hide legs till his arms were wrapped around the animal’s middle. The wriggling creature managed to twist, and with one good kick. She got herself free, and left a neat hoof print smack in the middle of the gunslinger’s forehead.

The goat, still in possession of the gold, made her way further down the saloon porch. She was now within range of the swinging doors. As the disheveled and insulted gunslinger rushed for the goat. She darted under the doors of the saloon, and hid under a table.

Panting, she was very nervous, shaking under her table. For now she wasn’t just hiding from the gunslinger. She was hiding from the barkeep. She knew if she stayed here too long. She might end up in a stew.

The gunslinger, with guns drawn once more, seemingly very determined to get the goat, or the gold, entered into the saloon. He peered into the establishment eagerly for his target.

The two men at the bar, had finally taken notice of the little event. They turned their attention to the gunslinger, and questioned his poised pistols.

The gunslinger realized where it was he found himself. Feeling suddenly tired from the taunting of the furry thief, he remembered that it was a saloon that he wanted, before this predicament began. So taking stock of the two others, he put away his guns, and bellied up to the bar.

The goat steadied herself, seizing her opportunity for freedom, dashed back under the doors. She quietly listened through a window, to make sure she was safe. For indeed she was, she could hear the three men begin a conversation.

Thus confident in her defeat of the gunslinger, she trots off, holding the pouch of high. For the Goat had Got away with the Gold.

Dream-Depths of my mind

Crazy dream which i dreamed last night

When I went for walk through the depths of my mind,goodness knows what I expected to find.


But there were dragons enchanted and witches so fair.
And when I needed a rest, I just imagined a chair.

The space was timeless, no place was too far,
and if my legs couldn’t bare it, I thought up a car.

To drive to the zoo, where the humans were contained,
what a twist to real life, all the animals complained.

Then I thought up a spaceship,and flew up to Mars,
to dance on the craters and ponder the stars.

And then when I woke up, from the depth of my mind,
I pushed on a button and let it rewind!

Counting voices…

Ah, the voices in my head. Imagine the nagging i have to go through to make a single freaking post that will satisfy all of them. That usually never happens though. Most of the time only two to three of them are happy, and the rest just keep telling me i suck at what i do.One day, i will make them eat their words.


How many voices choose to speak; a debate within my head.

As I lie awake, counting cracks, on the wall above my bed.

I seem to think of random colors and things you’ve never seen.

But I don’t like to hear the ugly voices, some are rather mean!

Though I suppose we are a loving family and thus I must accept

That when it comes to stashing bodies, we are most adept…



I believe that how you start your day is probably how you will finish it. Today  I woke up and I was like today is going to be a fabulous day and it was. There’s an opportunity that I want and I’m going to make sure that I go for it. So many things lined up that made it easy for me to ask for what I wanted. It was kind of like God was looking down and saying OK Madhu, I can’t make this ANY easier for you haha. Go get what you want! But this year I’ve been trying to get into a morning routine. There are certain things I do every morning when I get up to set the standard for the day.


Today I went to Badruka College for admission and i was looking around at every corner of this spaced room is nothing but a silence. No one is there except me.After some time room was filled with all the students.Soon officials started admission process(Group Discussion + Personal Interview) and i am into group E, that was last group for GD. I was so tensed and nervous because this is my first GD.They took me into one class room along with other students for GD. The topic was “Today’s youth are Greedy“.They gave me five minutes to prepare for the topic and i took my mobile and making notes about the topic. One of the official from Badruka said not to use mobile and gave me piece of note to write. I don’t know how to start, where to start. I wrote lot in paper but nothing was good. Everyone started discussing the topic given. I started with “I want to share few things but i am little bit nervous cuz its my first GD and i want to go slow” and then started sharing my views and at last minute i shared about my personal experience , how much greedy i was before and also shared about Facebook founder Mark greediness towards his girl friends LOL. While discussing  i saw everyone’s eyes and mouth with wide open, I felt i made a impact there.I came to know officials impressed with their smiles and by how they treat me after GD.Everyone came to me after GD and asking about me, where i am from and where i work..etc. Later i attended personal interview and there i saw my score and it was full out of full and i was like YAY, the official admitted me into their B-School.

It was great day!

Until tomorrow everyone, create a wonderful day or night.

Great Day

It has been such a great day, and I’m just so so happy like before how i used to be.

After spending good time with Ranju,i reached home at around 2 i guess.I couldn’t sleep properly because of my brother,he was keep on disturbing me.I slept around 4 i guess but soon i woke up soon at 6 after getting a call from a sweetest person.After hearing to her voice  i felt like -Hey my new year just started.

I took my bath and got ready soon so that i can meet my childhood friends. I met Neethi and Sindhu around 10 :30 am .I met Sindhu after so many years , good to see her again.After meeting at one place we decided to go got GO CARTING at RUNWAY 9.It was fun travelling in bus talking,gossiping,laughing,taking snaps. After one hour of travelling we reached RUNWAY9.



It was first drive to Neethi and Sindhu. They were little bit nervous before , after one lap they were like WOW ITS AWESOME.I felt relived. Wish we could have more time so that we can spend some more time .We had so much fun taking snaps,giving poses,irritating carting workers.

After carting we rushed to dhaba for lunch. We went to Taj daba one of my favorite one . A non vegetarian like me its hard to order veg dishes from the menu. We ordered Manchuria,chilly paneer,Kaju paneer,naans,egg burji my fav one :D. After having nice food we had a small walk and later we started to home back.

It was a great day with my friends and enjoyed a lot.It was also a beautiful day in my eyes