Roses and Choclate

I’ll give you
12 roses, 1 artificial,
and I’ll love you
till the last 1 dies ❤

IMG_20130303_154506I’ll give you 12 little chocolates,
1 is plastic,and say to you,
I will love you till the last one melts




Feb 14th


Some call it Valentines Day
Some call it Singles Awareness Day
Others call it Thursday
It’s just a depressing day
For those who have nobody to share it with
It makes some single people
Wish they had someone to hold
Someone to love and cuddle
Someone to spend the day with
Instead of being stuck in your room all day
It makes some people just feel lonely
I’ve never been fond of this day
I always can’t wait for it to be over
The only reason I like it is because
All the Chocolate goes on sale .-.