My Bucketlist- Whale shark dive

Whale shark dive, Cebu, Philippines.
I cannot imagine myself doing that.. I don’t know. I was some kind of a scared even to swim with dolphins,Japan. And these are Sharks.. no matter what they eat. I’m not sure if I could do that, even though it looks awesome!!! Probably I would just need a good and long preparation for it. An experience that you can’t never forget. More 6 months to go!!!

shutterstock_70078366-whale shark diving philippines


Lonely Drop

Some things are much precious than diamonds like WATER. A drop of water become a treasure for those who don’t have clean water every day SAVE IT!!


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Lonely Drop

In the Sky

Dreams float above me

miles and miles of blue

and plush white carries to unknown places


Darkness moves above me

storming light, it’s true

and nightmares against the anger traces.



Peacock dance

Last week, we had a trip to nearby forest. Its clean and spacious. It was a outing for my brother . It was our 4th or 5th visit.The animals are well in open space (of course, the cleanliness is not up-to the mark). The variety is also good and a nice learning experience for toddlers too.

One of my favorite things are peacocks.I find them to be such majestic creatures with this stunning feathers and vibrant colors.  Also, people seem to find them so inspirational!

I was waiting for right moment from last 6 months for peacock to dance.This Saturday finally it happened.I was so  fortunate to see the peacock dance in its full glory. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to see the scene of the peacock dancing in front of their eyes.I don’t know if you can make the peacock dance at your will. That time it was a bit cloudy with the imminent rain and this made the peacocks sing and dance in its full glory.

For all those, who haven’t had a chance, here are some of the photos.


Colors so vibrant, colors bleeding the truth, colors that scream with every shade and hue… Colors so intense that the eyes cannot see, that the brain cannot comprehend and the thoughts cannot be free. A feeling like these colors, painted on the walls slammed and dripped,dropped and spilled as the paintbrush falls. Ranging from the blues to the deepest forest greens, my emotions fill this void to cover black and white and the blank space in between. So quickly, how quickly can things change? Suddenly those blues and greens become a whole new range, these colors change from cool to hot, to burning like the sun, and as I sit and simmer here its only just begun. These colors here that fill me now, that block and fill my eyes are flowing over in my soul and filling out my cries.

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Girl in Blue Dress

Girl in blue

There’s an innocence about her that hides her truest nature
Jaded with a morning glow and bright blue dress
I am possessed by a pretty face that I can’t suffer to remember
And paralyzed by the softness of her voice that I can’t surrender to silent
I wish not to stare as she comes gracefully down the stairs
As she forever lights up the room with an essence of hope
She is like a princess locked in a tower, waiting to be saved
Unfortunately I am not her chosen knight in shining armor
Yet, her lips tremble when our eyes are aligned
And the whiteness upon her face blush with scarlet
I don’t understand why I am reminded she prettier without me
To be only a passing of strangers, I swore I seen this before