Happy 2015, year of Travel!

Hey guys, if you’re reading this you’ve found my blog. Cool as! For those who know me, you know about a month ago I bought a two way ticket to Malaysia and Philippines. If you don’t know me you know this now. The idea was a bit of a whynot moment and originally I was meant to leave in June. I thought 6 months would be a good amount of time to gather some funds around me. Next thing I know, i’m staring at my receipt for a ticket departing in January to Malaysia and April to Manila, Philippines . Out the window went the saving plans. Savings? Ain’t nobody got time for that. At this stage I’m a backpacker, I have no plan and a strict budget. The vague idea is to backpack through Malaysia and then onwards through India,Nepal and Manila. Make some friends, learn some languages and maybe work. I don’t know when I’ll come home. Maybe I’ll find a new home.

Coming Jan 1 2015 My life and I will quite literally be up in the air. Some days I wish I was leaving tomorrow and other days I am actually drowning in the overwhelmingly large ocean known as “what the f**k am I doing”. I’ve started this blog cause well I like to write and why not? I can kept track of my ideas and plans. I can make sure I remember the things that help me travel easier- and the things that don’t. I’ll also without a doubt be writing down my travel adventures as they unravel out in front of me, making you green with envy at the new places I find and the beautiful humans I meet. So can’t wait! Blogging also is an easy way for me to keep you in the loop with my movements. God knows I am bad enough at keeping in touch with my friends who live in the same city as me!

So, it’s the last month of 2014. I’ve allowed myself a month to fantasize about all my travelling possibilities, to stare at maps and stay up until 1 am reading travel blogs. One month away from D-DAY and shit has to get real. That means I need some form of a plan. At least for that first week in the unknown! There is no way in hell things to go well with me landing in Malaysia with no bed, no idea where I am and no language skills whatsoever.

This is my list for first quarter of 2015, the start of my travel prep, and this month I’ll be blogging about how good I am at getting all this shit done.

First quarter of 2015

January – Malaysia (Voluntary Work/Travel/New year)
February – Lucknow and Delhi (Wedding Shoot/Travel)
March – Nepal (Voluntary Work/Travel)
April, May – Philippines (Voluntary Work/Travel/Future plans)

Travel Preparation

Buy a backpack. Cos you can’t go backpacking without one.
Find a work – random voluntary work in the above mentioned countries through YGIP
Travel Insurance. Just writing those word makes me want to run away.
Draft up a Rough itinerary for the first two weeks in Malaysia.

If I can get through this by the end of the month I’m going to be so impressed I will be going to party.

My Travel Blog Wandering Mak

Moon Silver Lightning


The moon was up, painting the world silver, making things look just a little more alive

Moon_Silver Lightning

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Madhu Kalyan



I didn’t know that a city can be drowned like this: completely submerged in a festive fog. The fog comes from the firecrackers; they cackle and boom every minute. The dogs have disappeared; they think perhaps that the end of the world has come. They must be in absolute despair and shock. Meanwhile, people celebrate; clad in their brightest clothes, they crowd at their gates and set off rockets of stars, fountains of light and rotating wheels of sparkles.


The firecrackers go off right in the street,all the colors and sparks flying into the air.People cheering after their belly’s have been filled with sweets.Diwali always makes me feel cheerful and warm,even though I do not share the beliefs with everyone around me.Small candles for sale in all shapes colors,but one lonely candle sits alone out of its package.Small and pink with a blue braided cord around it,its beautiful,and alas I give the man my loonies and am off.When I find time to light this adorable little candle,sparks shoot out of it and light small fires to the rug.Shit.Next time I’ll make sure I don’t buy a firecracker


Music is Me

The headphones go on
The volume goes up
The world goes away
My mind is calm
I’m finally at peace
In among the fray

The bass is booming
The words are flowing
My mind starts to wander
The clock is ticking
My time is ending
I wish I could stay longer

But my time is up
I’m reluctant to leave
Still the headphones go away
Time to face the facts
Time for reality
Oh how I wish I could stay


Its hell out there
I feel so alone
Even though I have friends
It’s just my 
Silly, broken heart
That just refuses to mend

The only thing that gets
Me through each day
Is the constant music that’s played
Inside my head
Played all the time
Because of it my souls been saved

Music is my mind
Music is my heart
Music is my soul
Music is my everything
Music is the only thing
That will ever make my whole


Puzzled Love its complicated


Love… such a wonderful emotion, yet similar that of a puzzle piece. At times you might think you have the right one, but does it fit? If not, continue searching ’til the puzzle is complete.Few run into this type of situation every now and then, most likely some of you do as well; thus, you begin to question yourself.