Dina’s second face

Dina's second face

It took 3 hours to sketch this beautiful art by¬†Dina Ahmed, my best friend ūüėĬ†



Amazing Bhopal

Friday¬†eve was the worst evening for me ,I drowned into negativity,lost¬†excitement¬†and slept like that.Next day i woke up with same depressed eyes. Thought of hanging out with my friends, but my friends were out of town¬†because¬†of festival.So decided travel to some random city depends on flight¬†schedule.And luckily there was a flight to¬†Bhopal¬† So i booked tickets for¬†round trip. My friend Gunjan shocked i guess after sending text about my sudden plan ūüėõ



After 2 hrs 10 min i reached Raj Bhoj Airport and it was so sunny

Rajbhoj Airport

Bhopal is a city, which shows both part of India, the rich culture, natural beauty as well as it has a small part with hustle bustle… The best things I liked about Bhopal is the Upper lake, its a beauty, the lights around the lake at night gives a lovely look.

The tomb on the island, looks amazing.

One side they have , which is a kind of zoo, but you may also see deers gazing around in open.

The¬†restaurants¬†around gives you a lovely view of the lake, so you can always get into one and still enjoy the scenic view, far from the rush.The best part i liked in Bhopal was “chatori galli”.Its a heaven for non veggies, they have seekh, kebabas, biryani, fried beef, chicken roasted, everything available on a very cheap price, so its a must visit.

Upper Lake

The Upper Lake is a fun spot for residents of Bhopal and a tourist spot for the visitor. Boating (speed boats as well as paddle boats) is available and during the evenings, the place is swarmed by people, to enjoy the bhel-puris, ragda chaats, to listen to some live music (a singer sings to background music playing on the tape), have some ‚ÄėTop-in-Town‚Äô ice-creams and candies.

Boatsupper lake

There is a huge statue of Raja Bhoj near one of the banks, towards the highway. There is a nice ship replica and also a real railway engine. Our resourceful driver told us that there are plans to build railway tracks around the lake and the train will zhug-zhug on these tracks.

It is close to Van Vihar, the zoo of Bhopal.

Van Vihar

Visit the Open Air Zoo at Bhopal. It has a perfect setting. The blue expanse of water of the Upper Lake on one side and the verdant green Shamla Hill on the other. You have a variety of tigers, lions, bears, leopards,¬†deer’s¬† crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, birds. Visit around 4.00 p.m. when the animals are fed. You can take your vehicle by paying a fee.Will not forget this place as it give a good view of all major animals which we think of seeing with our kids.Seeing the tiger is dream come true.



Taj ul Masajid

Taj-ul mosque, situated in old Bhopal is a must to visit if you come to this city.. It can be easily reached from any part of Bhopal.. Though it’s located in crowded surroundings, the architecture of the mosque is awesome.. It’s 2nd largest mosque of Asia, built in red sandstone.. One enters through a narrow path to a huge open courtyard and gets the feeling of aww! The structure is magnificent..
Be cautious of the sellers outside the main area…
It’s located alongside a lake and the reflection that one sees is beautiful.



One of the local person helped me showing¬†Taj ul Masajid and later we went to¬†McDonald’s¬†for dinner.After having good time i met few¬†travelers¬†over there and one of traveler accompanied till¬†Gwalior, her name is Sarah.

Gwalior Fort

The most exciting place in Gwalior is the huge fort perked on a sandy stone. One can get a bird’s eye view of the entire city .Gwalior fortress stands on a 100 mtrs high sand stone rock.The most picturesque in North India,the fort measures 2.5 km in length and about 200 to 725 mtrs in width.To reach the fort one has to go on foot or drive through winding roads. Needless to say we drove up all the way to the fort.It was amazing.

It has number of structures like Mansingh palace, Gurugovind singh Gurudwara where Gurugivind Singh was held captive, Sahsra Bahu temple to name a few. But the most captivating is the Mansingh Palace.

view fort Lord shiva

Few of  local random clicks of Bhopal & Gwalior taken from Galaxy S3 and Sony Digital Camera


How much I care you

This is a spoken word poem that I just came up with. Sometimes, when we are in love we get the sensation that the person for who we have such feelings doesn’t realize how much we care about he or she, and that’s exactly what this poem is about. The need to do something astounding or amazing for those persons to realize how much we care for them.

Love u

Have I told you how much I care? Have I? No, I don’t think so.

Let me just whisper this words into the nothingness, into the wind in the hopes that they travel far enough and reach, even though vague or faintly, into your ear.

Yes, I do care for you and a lot, but something tells me you don’t realize that.¬†

The moments that we share I capture them, like a photo that goes straightly¬†into a vault with the tag “memories for eternity”.

If you would just ask, I’d surely walk through a storm with you.¬†

I am not sure if this leaf of letters, soaring above the sky, will fall in the right place, which is your hand; so when it is there, at your palm, you might raise it to your ear and listen.

Listen that if necessary, I could even challenge gods, dragons, creatures of legend and embark on quests with odds; all to show you by actions, not just words, that I care about you.


Note: When someone cares reciprocally for us, there’s no need for such things. They see it in the little details.

Thank you

When people tell me they like reading my blog and that I need to keep writing…makes me happy!


I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog.I especially appreciate those who have left comments and who have liked to posts.I hope that I can continue to bring quality material written by myself and others.

Forest Gump

Recently, there are so many things to do including things about job, writing and working on dream project. I am very confused and even don’t know how to deal with all well. Today, I made myself calm and watch the film Forrest Gump which was suggested my best friend Gunjan.

Forrest Gump isn’t a genius man. He is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ (below 70) and the muscle problem. Usually, people often think this kind of person can’t be successful in doing anything and even taking care of himself. However, instead, this unlucky boy has achieved lots of incredible success. He is a football star, a war hero and finally a millionaire!


Few sayings i want to share to all my readers and what i felt.

Know what love is:

“Why don‚Äôt you love me, Jenny?I‚Äôm not a smart man‚Ķ but I know what love is”

Define love, seek love, make love, be loving, be beloved, start with love, end with love, do it with love, stay true to your love. Know love. Find inside yourself what you love. Then Cherish it for all you are worth.  Because do you know what? It is all that you’re worth.

Be your best:

“You have to do the best with what God gave you.”

Being your best is very complicated.  It is about becoming more effective and taking responsibility. It is about making do with what you have.  It is about being content with who you are.  It starts with knowing yourself, then striving to sharpen and hone yourself.  We all have God given talents.  Use yours.  It’s simple, be your best.

You define your destiny:

Forrest Gump: What’s my destiny, Mama?
Mrs. Gump: You’re gonna have to figure that out for yourself.

Step aside from everyone else’s expectations.  You define your destiny.  It is about being in touch with what you love.  It is about being your best, loving your work, holding regard for yourself and others while maintaining your boundaries.  Believe in yourself, overcome your tragedies, act, be, seek God’s help.  This is your life. Stand.  Take a stand for yourself.  Take a stand for who you chose to be.  You define your destiny.

Your actions always speak louder than words:

“Stupid is as stupid does”

You cannot overcome words with more words.  You cannot overcome deeds with words.  You words mean little to nothing if your actions do not align.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Brave is as brave does.  What do you do Do. BE. Not think, feel, intend, or say, what are you doing?  How are you being? Your actions always speak louder than your words.

Dinner With Stranger

Share a meal with a¬†stranger– chances are they’ll share life with you while they eat.


I had dinner with a kind homeless man last night. First time I have ever had dinner with a complete stranger, but it was very nice!¬†‚ÄĒ at¬†Venky’s.

Over dinner, we talked about everything ‚ÄĒ movies, culture, society, politics, music, photography, education‚Ķthe list goes on. There was little unnecessary small talk, no awkward pauses and no silences in conversation. The two of us talked like we were old friends. It was an incredible experience that will stay with me for a while. In reference to the quote from the main page, in that moment I feel like I was actually living and not just existing.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What makes you feel like you are living and not just existing?

Great Day

It has been such a great day, and I’m just so so happy like before how i used to be.

After spending good time with Ranju,i reached home at around 2 i guess.I¬†couldn’t¬†sleep properly because of my¬†brother,he was keep on disturbing me.I slept around 4 i guess but soon i woke up soon at 6 after getting a call from a sweetest person.After hearing to her voice ¬†i felt like -Hey my new year just started.

I took my bath and got ready soon so that i can meet my childhood friends. I met Neethi and Sindhu around 10 :30 am .I met Sindhu after so many years , good to see her again.After meeting at one place we decided to go got GO CARTING at RUNWAY 9.It was fun travelling in bus talking,gossiping,laughing,taking snaps. After one hour of travelling we reached RUNWAY9.



It was first drive to Neethi and Sindhu. They were little bit nervous before , after one lap they were like WOW ITS AWESOME.I felt relived. Wish we could have more time so that we can spend some more time .We had so much fun taking snaps,giving poses,irritating carting workers.

After carting we rushed to dhaba for lunch. We went to Taj daba one of my favorite one . A non vegetarian like me its hard to order veg dishes from the menu. We ordered Manchuria,chilly paneer,Kaju paneer,naans,egg burji my fav one :D. After having nice food we had a small walk and later we started to home back.

It was a great day with my friends and enjoyed a lot.It was also a beautiful day in my eyes