Our new book – Pebbles

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I’m SUPER excited today to be revealing my first book “Pebbles- Collection of short stories” cover page.

Here’s what “Pebbles” all about:

Different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes.Just like our life experiences, some are precious, some are ordinary, others heavy, some are light.

Photography by : Chris Marshall talented photographer from United Kingdom
Editor : Gunjan Vyas 
Author: Madhu Kalyan n Gunjan
Date: Coming Soon


The Tango

Whenever I think about us
my heart and stomach do
this little dance and I can’t
help but smile because
the way they prance is
almost as amazing as you.


Value of life

The only value of life
Is that you don’t know when it’s over

That you know that you’re not living forever
And that you only get a few chances

So make your life worth it
Love the ones you care about
And ignore the ones that try to hurt you

Don’t cry because you think you’re lonely
Because you are never alone

You love the ones you care about
And so, they do the same to you

Just live your life with all you have
And don’t be afraid of what tomorrow brings

“Every day is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.”




In all honesty, a writer probably has the most freedom on Earth. Even though most of them are judged insane, they do not trap themselves under lies and lost hopes. Writers let their imaginations run rampant in their minds. Every person has the ability to become a writer. We all are packed full of imagination when we are born. But only those who free their imagination can transform into true writers.


Imagination is a wonderful thing, capable of making us do anything. Imagination is filled with love, hope, horror, joy, tragedy, and sadness. Yet it is the most difficult thing to understand. It is a free spirit, and will not be caged. Some people trap it in the darkest, deepest, and scariest parts of their minds. Allowing it to whither and die. The average person usually lets their imagination run wild, yet most of them rarely listen to it. Writers let their imagination run free, and they listen to it. It tells them wonderful things, and good writers write down these wonderful things. Turning them into colorful creations of life.

Some call it beautiful, others are disgusted by it. But how can people criticize things like The Raven, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sherlock Holmes, Shakesphere, The Alchemist, and so much more. Those books have brought joy to the world, and no one can really truly argue with  that. Those people are the trappers, and will never understand what it really means to be a writer


What is love but a game of chance.
Not to frolic or sing or dance
Love does not come easy, nor is it always kind
Love is something precious, found in the mind
It’s love that brings happiness to those all around
It’s something not searched for, just found
The sense of love is something great to feel
It overcomes the darkness in the mind and helps heal
Without love, no one would live
Because love is something special that everyone should give
So in those times of need when you feel small
Don’t give in to pain; stand tall
For love conquers all.


Something i just kinda wrote. The feelings and the words just come to me when i open up blank documents. Hope you all like it

Like a flower

Love is like a flower. One day, it just gives up And dies. Or it is just killed off.Pulled apart.Destroyed.You can do with a flower what you wish,And love is no different.Give it to someone,And they’re happy.Pull it apart,Figure out if that one person loves you,But in the end it’s gone.


You say you love that person now, But it ten years, You won’t even remember that pain. Some may, But most won’t. Love is like a flower, You can nurse it and let it grow. Or you can watch it wither away. It’s your choice. But in the end, It won’t last for too long