Our Land


The Tango

Whenever I think about us
my heart and stomach do
this little dance and I can’t
help but smile because
the way they prance is
almost as amazing as you.


How fragments feel

Would you like to know, how fragments feel

It’s hard to tell really, when so many different emotions,

are reflecting back at you 

You wont find them in the air, sea, nor in me
you will find them on the ground

They belong there, in soil
where grass will grow, and men builds over

No archaeologist will assemble me correctly
No artist can capture my style
No amount of adhesive will hold these as one piece

I live only to breath into struggling lungs
and maybe if those would be in my blood, bone and soul

They too could understand.

Maybe, if each finds a piece of me and comes together
there will be too much to break, to hard to crack that ice

Traditional, fixed form, free verse and pretty words

So many ways I can tell you

But in the end,

I don’t want
to             piecing this together
sound    I am



Every artist no matter what, will always have their skill. That is something that will always be a factor when writing a new piece, or drawing with grey, or painting with many colors.But I will agree and can not refuse, when you really feel down, in an emotional up roar there is a change in your writing, obvious yes, but there is a reason when the best of us can come out. You feel what so many writers and artists of old felt, even if the result doesn’t look good to you.


The path of life

we all seem to walk down the path of life
some moving faster
than some of us might
some make a wrong turn
as the rest takes the right
some speed to be first
as some take it slow
we will all make it their
all in good time
so lets take it slow and walk down this path and enjoy the happy path of life


Things to do when you’re bored

Things to do when you’re bored:

Things to do when you’re bored:

• Stand outside a nursing home as the Grim Reaper

• Wait around corners and scare random people

• Sign up for informational meetings and when you get there say ‘gosh darned it I thought this was about where to get drugs’ and then leave

• Go out and adopt fifty puppies

• Go to the park, get no higher than five feet, jump and scream ‘I can fly!’

• Travel to Area 51, and tell them a green alien looking thingy traveled out about an hour ago

• Make something, give it to someone, and then five minutes later scream at them to ‘give it back’

• Get a lemonade stand, give out free samples, then write on a clip board while saying aloud that they couldn’t taste the roofies

• Run into a store, ask what year it is, and when they tell you run out screaming ‘it worked!’

• Start dancing at a public place, then get mad whenever someone looks at you

• Go into an office building, wait in someone’s office, then when someone comes in say ‘I’ve been expecting you’ and claim you own the building.

• Steal someone’s phone, then replace all the numbers with fast food restaurants

• Name your dog ‘Dog’ and your cat ‘Cat’

• Buy a pet rock and ask why no one else does

• Write your own list of things to do when you’re bored.

• Go to the zoo. When you leave shout ‘run for your lives, they’ve escaped!’ while running as fast as you can.

• Go to any electronic store, change all the laptop desktops to the blue screen of death

• Change the ink cartridge to an empty one

• Go out naked, when people say something irritably say that you are wearing clothes, and that their one’s who are naked.

• Get three animals, write the #1 one the first one, #2 on the second one, and #4 on the third one. Release in a closed building and watch everyone go crazy for the third animal.

My thoughts

I was sitting in a coffee shop and watching people coming and going. Everybody seems to be happily coming and chatting, music on, apples and androids, tablets and touch screens and a cheerful environment. There is no such thing as worry/tension/depression which can be seen there and the cash counter busy as usual in taking money nonstop from the customers.

Considering that the Coffee shop is in a posh location, so anybody coming here is not a poor person in every respect and for them money spent on a coffee cup is just peanuts, may be even they can give ten time more here without noticing anything and without any effect on their pockets.

I was questioning to myself that is this is what life is. Is this is the life that you sit in a posh restaurant and enjoy the time, spend money. Yes for some, this is life. They don’t know the word hardship in their lives and the punitive realities of life. The teenagers coming here with their friend have no idea at all what there parents have done to earn the money, their hardship if any, at least they are not aware of those. For them money is a piece of paper which is to be spent and that is all, no matter from where it is coming.


After drinking my coffee cup, I decided to leave with a heavy mind constantly thinking of the atmosphere which I just saw. I went to buy the bread for the dinner. I saw a man there sitting beside a scorching oven (we call it rotti in Hindi language) with cloths wet in sweat, an empty cup of tea near him, making bread (rotti) and doing it nonstop.

There were good number of people waiting for the bread so he was constantly busy in making bread and in every minute or so his hand went to the oven with his face near to the oven to bring out bread. There was a fan functioning for the sake of providing decent air but with constant breakdown in the power it was as good as nothing. This is the continuous routine of this man who starts his work well before the breakfast, lunch and dinner time and in summer when the temperature in our part of the world reaches more than 42’C this is indeed a place not be working more than a minute.

As I was watching him, the atmosphere of a coffee shop flashed in my mind, and the difference of two worlds was in front of me. This person making bread has no idea or maybe he has not even drink a cup of coffee throughout his entire life but he do remember that he has to earn money to feed his kids, to cater for their schooling if he can and God knows what. For him life is a continuous struggle, and there are no favorable conditions in front. With recession on the rise and poor getting more poorer while the richer getting more richer, there is no relief for such persons who worked their sweat out to earn an honest living for themselves and their families.

Yes for some people, life is a bed of rose and for some a continuous struggle. Analyzing the two conditions although happiness and no worries can be seen in the coffee shop but I do wonder that may be this person making bread is calmer, more relax than those at the coffee shop. May be he is earning less but he does not have to take a medicine to sleep, may be what he is earning he is at least feeling a proudness in it, maybe there are no such health problems with him or he may not be even aware of those, may be one of his children can earn him a name in this world by doing something extraordinary which money cannot buy. May be, May be…or maybe not. With this may be and may be not I came back home and wishing that all those persons who make their lives worth living from nowhere have courage and a will to withstand pitiless and harsh destitutions of the life.