Insects of Meghalaya

Do you see the nights I see?

Do you see the nights I see?
The light that glows from the stars?
The Moon that says Hello and Goodnight in the same sentence?
I hope you do… I would feel sad to be to far away…



Listen to Rain

Sitting outside
Sitting inside
It’s soothing
How it gently taps our windows
Admired by some
But hated by others

It looks as it fell from heaven
Fallen to the ground
Cooling down our world
Perfect little drops

Doesn’t it feel good when it softly lands on your faces?

If you listen carefully
You can hear it sing you a soft lullaby
Even though it can come as a terrible storm
Listen to it’s soothing weeps
Listen to it’s soothing cries
Listen to it’s soothing words

Can you feel why its here?
Can you see why it’s here?
Have you ever seen people dance in it or play?
They are some how gifted

Listen to it
Try to pick up what it tells
You may need it in the future




The seasons swiftly change
Now the drizzle drops,
Dancing under the hazed street lamps
Children in droves
their laughter muted behind this cool shower
Behind the drumming rain.


Browned flood water with trash afloat;
Pedestrians with splashing steps
On the shine of the newly washed pavement.
The heavy air of humid summer
Dowsed by the flux of seasons,
As I am rejuvenated by this familiar water
(heaven gives graciously too)
Seeing the rain clouds, I sense
sweet monsoon is coming.


Tears from the skies

Tears from the skies, weeping in sorrow,

Rivers trickling down cars.

Leaves hanging forlornly from damp, arid branches, encased in,

Tears From The Skies.

Telephone wires, strung firmly in the gloom-ridden trees,

Necklaces, with nature’s beads, droplets of water.

Perpetual falling of,

Tears From The Skies.

Roads decorated with puddles,

Ripples dancing in the minuscule pools.

People sprinting down the road, covering themselves from,

Tears From The Skies.

O bleak rainfall,

When gazed at, the acherontic scene depresses India,

My country is crying.

Tears of the skies…


In the Sky

Dreams float above me

miles and miles of blue

and plush white carries to unknown places


Darkness moves above me

storming light, it’s true

and nightmares against the anger traces.



Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day,
For all mothers out there,
A time to relax and enjoy,
Having your family so close,
And loving all the moments.

For this is your day,
Celebrate and treat yourself well,
For all have done so much for your children,
You are an angel sent by God,
To bless the children,
And show them the way.

God bless mothers,
From around the world.



Drip rain,Drop rain

The sky drips
Iridescent tears. Water flows
Through gutters
Onto a bucket like a drum, a heart beating.
It cries harder
Upon the earth leaving trails; we run from it and take cover.
We look up at the sky
From underneath our umbrellas.


A steady drum, it drips in musical beats,
And falls in sheets.
We look out from our homes through thick glass windows
We look out with dry eyes


(I was going to type this yesterday , but work got in the way )

Its raining  outside! I have been waiting for it to rain all week !!!