Insects of Meghalaya


Rain – A poem for INDIES IN ACTION- for a charity anthology for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.


I sit

And watch

As the rain drops 

fall in front of me,

at my sides,

and even behind me.

As I watch them through hazy eyes and my own dripping water,

I wonder.

I sit and wonder.

Do rain drops

Get lonely


With all those other rain drops with them..

Do they feel like me?

To feel alone.

Is a pain I would wish on no one else.

A wish 

I wish was granted to me


To bear everyone’s pain.

To give them relief,

From the burning heat.

To show them to the water,

To let them quench their thirst.

But to make mine even worse.

I wish I could just take everyone’s pain

Bottle it up inside me

And let others

Be happy.

And maybe

If I died

If I did it myself, or someone else did it

I can take the pain with me

and destroy it.


In the Sky

Dreams float above me

miles and miles of blue

and plush white carries to unknown places


Darkness moves above me

storming light, it’s true

and nightmares against the anger traces.



Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day,
For all mothers out there,
A time to relax and enjoy,
Having your family so close,
And loving all the moments.

For this is your day,
Celebrate and treat yourself well,
For all have done so much for your children,
You are an angel sent by God,
To bless the children,
And show them the way.

God bless mothers,
From around the world.



The same

i know that today
will be just yesterday
all over again

the clouds that forever
cast shadows over my life
are always above me

i always await
the sun to break through
and cast its light on me


there is never any end
to the continuous storms
that pervades my being

once one dark period ends
another takes its place
in an never ending cycle

tomorrow shall be the
same as today
full of dark clouds and gray skies


Just Dreams…


In the future I want to love and be loved. I want to marry and grow old with her. I don’t want to fear my heart being decimated. I want someone to let me hold them all night and forgive me if I snore or talk in my sleep. I want to be more comfortable with her than I am in my own skin. I want to trade stories about all our scars and memorize every freckle. I want to be accepted for all my mood swings, negative qualities, and weird quirks. I want to lay in her lap and look up at her while she strokes my hair. I want to learn about her culture. I want to hold her hand in public and not care if other people are looking. I want to try hard to be all that she deserves. I want to be close to her parents. I want to live next door to my best friend and her family. I want to have a cute puppy or two running around the house. I want to run away with her and raise children. I would promise to do better than my parents. I want to teach our kids all about life, acceptance, their bodies, old music, and more. I want to play pretend with them and build forts with blankets. I want to encourage healthy eating and exercise, but teach them to love their body. I want them to learn everything I know and more. I want them to speak multiple languages and feel proud of that. I want to send them to good schools and give them the best education. I want to take them on vacations to see the world. I want to let them decide their own religion. I want to talk to them and guide them through their hardships. I don’t want our kids to get picked on because of me. I want to shield them from hate from teachers and the school children that pick on people. I don’t want them to know what mommy used to do when she got sad, stressed, or angry. I don’t want them to ask why my body has so many straight line scars. I don’t want them to ask where their grandparents or aunt and uncle are. I don’t want them to have my genes. I don’t want them to ever feel the way I have. I don’t want to feel like that ever again. But then I wonder if this is all just wishful thinking. Doubt floods my mind and washes away these thoughts. I drown out my dreams and I hear the internal voice speak again, saying nobody will love me and that I’m stupid for having hope. It’s another struggle with reality, but in the back of my mind this fantasy scenario plays and continues to elaborate and gives me something to live for. But maybe they are just dreams.

Dinner @ Palace


“Amazing place to stay – gives you goose bumps”

This hotel was absolutely amazing and a very romantic and memorable place to stay. Having stayed in many hotels nationwide, many hotels start to become fairly similar. However, this is a truly unique and memorable hotel. The arrival by horse and cart is a great touch. There are so many staff who are very attentive and observant of one’s needs. Everything is very professional. The historian tour is great and puts everything into perspective. The palace is a place that you would normally visit with plastic shoes on and no photos and no touching etc – but not here if you are a resident you can come and go as you please, take photos where you please, and sit where you please – feels too historical to sit there though!!


“Made or feel like royalty”

Dinner was at Celeste which of an evening serves Italian food. The chef Rajesh personally came out to greet us and to let us know that he would cook anything at all – even if it wasn’t on the menu!! and if we had a home town specialty to let him know. Amazing. The food by the way was delicious, the waiters attentive and nothing was left wanting. Returning to our room we found that the bath had been filled with warm water and there were rose petals floating in it.


“A stunning Palace -101 seats for Dinner “

Overall, this is a truly magnificent hotel, a rare chance to blend relaxation with some genuinely interesting history, and get a glimpse into the life of the Nizam, the richest man in the world in the 1930s.


“A touch of heaven”


“Wonderful royal stay at Nizam’s palace ‘taj falaknuma'”

First Day of School and I’m Excited

I’m so freaking excited it’s ridiculous! :iconexcitedplz:

I am fired up 😀

[A2E] Encoding On Progress

It’s Monday and my classes start from today. I’m just dying to go to school/college again.. I dunno why, maybe its because to forgot my past.After college i need to go for work, so that i continue my travellings. Gonna be damn busy for next 2 years.


Hey mom! Where’s my lunchbox???

Tuesday Morning

It’s 5:30 on a Tuesday morning, and I’ve left myself time to sit and think. I’ll think about the weather outside and if it’s storming. Because 20 feet under the ground you can’t even hear the thunder rolling.
I’ll think about the afternoon and wonder if you’re watching the sun rise. Sometimes being late has it’s beauty, just because I’ll see the morning sky in all it’s glory.
I’m not sad, but I won’t pretend to be happy
being here gives me a sense of melancholy happiness.
I’ll be alright, I’ll just smile and skip
because when you’re 20 feet underground there’s a lot of time to play around.