Just Smile..

Perhaps I should confess to you,

That I am trapped within this box of crushing insecurity…

Screaming as I shatter my nails against the wall.

But I’m sure you’ll tell me to just smile and wave.



One Day

One day I’ll make history. 
One day I’ll prove to everyone that I am the best. 
One day everyone will know my name. 
One day everyone will want to be my friend.


I can’t believe how…old and kind of bad my old poems were. But yeah, here’s another one from like several years ago, based on true events.



The stars are lonely.
I love them through thick and thin.
If only they knew.
Maybe they would twinkle all
the more. If only they knew.



I felt bad for stars. Because to us they look all close together and stuff, but they are far away from any of their brethren. They have nothing but themselves. I like to go outside and tell them stories.

If only they knew.