Do you see the nights I see?

Do you see the nights I see?
The light that glows from the stars?
The Moon that says Hello and Goodnight in the same sentence?
I hope you do… I would feel sad to be to far away…



To This Day

This video will change the way you look at who you’ve become. Take a few minutes to watch it. You won’t regret it.


“For a Mother who held you close as a child, for a Sister who kept you away from hurt, for a Girlfriend who loved you. Happy Women’s Day”

1 (5)

It’s impossible to tell about them and not think about their beauty, sensuality and the pleasure almost infinite that they give to us, men.

However, I’m not here to write about this.

I’m here to write about other things, like their intelligence and sensibility to solve problems and do things, like drawing, for example.

I’m here to write about their gentle and pleasant voice (which sometimes can be powerful enough to move us) when they sing.

I’m here to write about their friendly support and advises during our childhood, adolescence and even in the adulthood.

I’m also here to write about their beauty and exuberance pleasant to our male eyes,  which inspire many artists.

Yes, I’m glad for their existence, which is a “little detail” to some but to me, without them, this planet would be a boring place to live, without telling

With who we men, would learn to be as sensible and rational ?

By the way: they can be as strong, courageous and determined like us, men, which shows how they’re not fragile as we may think.

Have a nice day, women.

We’re Best Friends Gun

If I had to pick one person that I trusted with everything…my secrets, my stories, my would be Gun..Gunjan


When I call you my best friend
I mean it
From the bottom of my heart.
When I don’t give you a gift
It’s because I couldn’t think of anything
That would be worth enough for you.
When I don’t talk to you
It’s because I couldn’t think of anything worth saying
To someone so special.
And when I tell you you are my Best friend
There is never any doubt in my voice.
Your friendship
Will never be forgotten.
I will be there with you
Through everything.
I will stand by your side
I promise
That I will be
Your shoulder to cry on,
Your courage when you’re scared,
Your comfort when you need it,
And your best friend forever!


Dina Sketches

Today i want to share about my Facebook friend and also dearest friend & her sketches.She helps me sketching characters from my short stories.

Her name is DINA AHMED (She is the only one with that name on this planet XD i guess) She is 18 years old and she live in the Australia . She is kinda positive person and always laugh.The things that she really wanna do in the future is making more fantasy art and creative drawings. She have so many ideas in my mind that she wanna draw.She wanna make art that really comes from her heart. Her dream is to make art that gives other people hope or something where you can look at and escape reality for a moment. She still have a long way to go.

I love people who are creative and see the world from a different kind of view.

Few of her sketches

1.Latest digital Pic and her name is ANOOKA


206791_303756079743185_633087142_n (1)


2. Pencil art – Moksha20121203194045

Another pencil art of Moksha


Color sketch -Hatred


Rock Stars

Everyday is a surprise, a mystery and a never-ending dilemma. On the drive to the office, if you wonder how your day will go you rarely get what you predict, and if you think of the tasks waiting to be done right next to that fresh morning cup of coffee, you find yourself wishing that’s all you had to do till the end of the day. Yet, we love it.

Today was kinda different day from same routine takes place everyday.

Yesterday, our team lead sent a group mail to all to wear “ROCK STAR TEE’S” which he presented before the NEW YEAR 2013.Today half of the colleagues was wearing tee on the floor and remaining half are carrying in their bags,few dint wear at all.


You ever have one of those days where you just the need to take a pre-planned group photo?  Well we did! Our lead thought today would be a good day to take a group shot of the ROCK STAR team! Everyone from the maintenance who are hiding tee’s in their bag’s took out and dressed up for a group pic.

I think an ‘GROUP‘ photo is a fun and creative way to symbolically capture a celebratory group moment and wants to highlight the idea that might just be the best group photo of all. It’s a different sort of ‘team photo’ and one that the group will remember forever.


It’s certainly not a typical group photo by any means, but every person in that photo would look back on it and remember where they are, who they were with and the camaraderie(Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together) on that day. This idea can work for any group of people that bonds together to celebrate a significant, “We did it!” moment together; from the members of a family that pull together to make a special event happen for a loved one.

Shortly after the picture we got back to work on Google stuff the best search engine ever.

P/S. All the memories are etched in my heart and I really appreciate the joy we shared today.

Pod Lunch

Went to Khao gali today.Nice buffet with some open stove options. It is bound to happen since it is closest to our office and office people like to give lunches for visiting expats etc here, and why not its just few meters away from office. The food was as always average but i was happy as they had their basics right.


My meat eater colleagues told me that the chicken and sea food dishes are great.But few dishes in veg are not that much good (maybe an advice to listen… but its buffet… whatever). What got to me this time was their chat/omelette counter.I had a bite of omelette and soon i regretted because its Thursday. Starting of the year i broke promise with god eating omelette forgetting him in excitement as it was first pod lunch with my colleagues .One of my colleagues brought in a plate of papdi chat which was good.

We are watching INDIA vs PAKISTAN ODI match while we are having lunch,it was fun shouting when wickets are down.

The only thing that impressed me was the dessert. Normally you don’t have someone making an ice-cream sundae for you.

I felt ambiance didn’t seem that good. It was alright though.

Still i enjoyed my lunch with my colleagues…

Great Day

It has been such a great day, and I’m just so so happy like before how i used to be.

After spending good time with Ranju,i reached home at around 2 i guess.I couldn’t sleep properly because of my brother,he was keep on disturbing me.I slept around 4 i guess but soon i woke up soon at 6 after getting a call from a sweetest person.After hearing to her voice  i felt like -Hey my new year just started.

I took my bath and got ready soon so that i can meet my childhood friends. I met Neethi and Sindhu around 10 :30 am .I met Sindhu after so many years , good to see her again.After meeting at one place we decided to go got GO CARTING at RUNWAY 9.It was fun travelling in bus talking,gossiping,laughing,taking snaps. After one hour of travelling we reached RUNWAY9.



It was first drive to Neethi and Sindhu. They were little bit nervous before , after one lap they were like WOW ITS AWESOME.I felt relived. Wish we could have more time so that we can spend some more time .We had so much fun taking snaps,giving poses,irritating carting workers.

After carting we rushed to dhaba for lunch. We went to Taj daba one of my favorite one . A non vegetarian like me its hard to order veg dishes from the menu. We ordered Manchuria,chilly paneer,Kaju paneer,naans,egg burji my fav one :D. After having nice food we had a small walk and later we started to home back.

It was a great day with my friends and enjoyed a lot.It was also a beautiful day in my eyes