Words maybe strong and have a lot of meanings…. but as long as I know what’s true about me

Words don’t hurt me

If you cross the line, then I will payback in kind to your harsh words

I know what’s true, I know what’s a lie

I know who I am

No matter what you say

Words will never hurt me

You lie through your teeth just to hurt someone else

Did someone stab you with harsh words?

No need to do the same to someone

Try using kind words

Words have a lot of meaning

If you us the right ones

Then no one will have the need for harsh and painful words


Life’s Truths

It is in the darkest times in your life that you discover the truth.

About you and the people that inhabit the world you live in.
You learn about life long friends that seem to ignore your pain.
You find that a casual acquaintance is the first to peek beneath the false mask of happiness.

But it’s not just you.
You open your eyes
When you glance around,
you notice more
You ask questions

You find that the seemingly perfect straight A student has a questionable past,
The girl who always seemed so confident in herself admitted to having bulimia
The talented artist you admire cuts them-self

You find that you’re not alone…
Everyone is a little messed up
Everyone has secrets.

It is in the darkest days that you listen, you learn.
People may not see you’re pain
But you see theirs

The question is…What do you do?




I’m still working out the kinks but this is the general idea…
I would like some feedback about this piece of literature



Our existence is a mere perception.
We are nothing, and everything simultaneously.
We stroke our egos, to sustain our self containers.
We hope endlessly across the universe, subdued.
Call me crazy but aren’t we all waiting for something… seeking truth?
My now is eternal, my this second, is forever.
Our reality is interchangeable, our truth is negotiable.

Everyone Dies

Everyone dies. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Have you truly lived? What you have right now, life, what a precious gift. The things you could experience, the depths to which you could know yourself, to which you could feel and understand deeply and profoundly, even if only for one moment of awareness, these are yours and yours alone. And if you do not seek them, if you do not plumb the depths of the unique instrument that you are, what was the point of you? Explore, seek, wonder, love, feel, run, fly. Everyone dies. Take this chance to truly live.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day,
For all mothers out there,
A time to relax and enjoy,
Having your family so close,
And loving all the moments.

For this is your day,
Celebrate and treat yourself well,
For all have done so much for your children,
You are an angel sent by God,
To bless the children,
And show them the way.

God bless mothers,
From around the world.



I’m lost in a map…

It seems to be that this world is just trying to be better at being better… I’m here just watching people try and be an individual… I’m here seeing people die, and leave this world. Just dying to be free… Because death is freedom, right?… Why don’t we all die? Why do we stay here and suffer? The suffering… Man and religion… beliefs and thoughts… MY belief and thoughts… All contradict each other in this grinding stone… compromises? The person sacrificing what they think is right to satisfy other concepts….. I don’t like to think.. It brings up past pains… depression… But it feels good.. Does that make sense? to feel pain is good… So that you know what DOESN’T feel like pain? Sad to be happy? anger to feel guilt? How could we skip to the good part?….. Well it’s because there really is no positive without a negative… I don’t know… I’m just this boy, with problems, confused of what he’s suppose to be, to what he wants to be… but then there’s a problem there…. He DOESN’T know what he wants to be… an engineer? some manager?… artist?… yeah… to be an artist is what he wants… to express feelings through the humanism senses.. sight, touch, smell, taste, listening.. ESPECIALLY listening.. MUSIC is him…. music…..


Some thoughts that keep bugging me everyday.. What do you think of it? It’s not really meant to be about anything.. just thoughts…