Traveling to Japan

In few days I will be traveling to Japan, for 7 days, spending most of the time in Tokyo and Kyoto =D Like a dream come true, I have always wanted to travel there!


There are a lot of things to prepare: first, gathering information about the hotels. I found that most of them believe that hotels in Tokyo have too small rooms, and that traditional Japanese rooms (ryokans) have no beds, and some have no traditional “international” breakfast in their buffets… it is going to be difficult to find hotels suitable for my life style. I enjoy discovering different cultures and life-styles, but not when it may disturb my sleep! Sleeping is a sacre, ubber-holy activity, even more if I am on vacations! I can stand stand barely eating, or drinking, and walking for hours and hours without resting, or communicating with mimics with people that don´t understand English , but don´t mess with me while I´m sleeping or you will have trouble!

Second: what to visit with such few time?! I would like to see the more traditional and medieval Japan, rather than the excesive and modern aspects of Tokyo, but at the same time I don´t want to spend all my days seeing temple after temple. I need information about castles (I would love that!).

Third: Ninja restaurant!

Fourth: Sakura Blossoms

Fifth: Many more like cos plays, anime, Naruto Bridge, Ramen, Dumplings…

anyone from Japan? It would be great to see you there, and a few advices would come in handy


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