Two Years Later

She asked him gently, “Do you love me?”
In his long silence, she found closure,
And left her love under a willow tree.


Sometimes, it is the simple questions that give us the answers that are most difficult to bear.

Let your burden go.

You deserve better.
I found better in K. But it took a lot of hurt before I could be happy with him again. I am blessed to have someone like K to have made it easy.


  1. Hi. Officially, I’ve followed your blog probably for most of this year, but I haven’t been true to keeping up with it. I’ve really enjoyed browsing here tonight. You show so much heart and talent! I enjoyed your artist friend’s work also. I also read the Amazon sample of the ebook Pebbles. Sadly, I didn’t have the token amount asked for the privilege of viewing the whole thing. I was loving it. I saw on your post–titled “Hi” (I think it was) that you would be putting this blog in storage. I get the feeling you will be making it go away from the public view it’s been given over all this time. Is that correct? If so, I’m sure I will be sorry to have missed more of your poignant offerings than I know. Hope everything is going great for you. By the way, I hope you will always suffer with love until the time that you find the meaning of life shared with one woman–then, may the meaning be happiness.

    1. Hello day3of thanks for viewing my posts after long time.Thanks for following. Thanks for reading pebbles sample copy.I will send pdf copy if you like to read, it would be great if you post review after reading it 😀
      It was a thought that time but decided not to.
      Thank you day3of

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