Other side of India-Street Photography

From the past 20 min I’m noticing this poor #child. Its a shame to see people coming and taking pictures of this hardly 5 year old girl who has been turned into a monkey with so much makeup. It would take a week to get off her. Her mother 2 feet away breast feeding another infant and directing this little Child of hers to raise her hand to attract attention. People taking pictures of/with her so that they could drop a little penny in that bowl. Her father surrounded this #girl with #flowers. This is really sad.#streetphotography 40ac38402c3e11e385f622000ab5bce4_7db9c72ca204a11e3ac5222000a1f8ea3_7Sometimes there comes a moment or a photograph where you feel that this world we live in is so cruel that it makes you clinch your heart with pain. One of those moments1111

A small kid painted himself to be a Gandhi, sitting in the middle of road trying to earn something for his family


Sometimes few things go unnoticed. This happened during my shoot today. This young gandhi aka subba is not a lawyer,speaker nor a socialist. He is a simple young boy who begs. It’s sometime sad to see someone looking like our national father begging while we just pass by in awe. They don’t much who MK Gandhi was or might never know. It’s time we tell them his importance and show the way to their freedom



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