Day 2 Amber Fort @ Jaipur

The old city in Jaipur is a bustling shoppers paradise. It doesn’t cater to tourists outside of the small area at the City Palace gate, so its a great opportunity to see how the locals live in the tight streets of Old Jaipur. Its a change from the norm that all of the streets are in a perfect grid, however the side streets which run in a straight line, are still quite tight, with only room for two scooters side by side (or one tuk tuk).

Amber Fort Jaipur

After I had my breakfast i visited Amber Fort. It’s located on top of the hill, therefore in order to get up there you have to ride an elephant or by jeep. Personally recommend those who are visiting the fort to go buy elephant. You will see India in a different view. Although, i’m quite against elephant ride, as it is not good for their backbone you see, but as far as i know, the authorities there only allow the elephants work till noon. So i guess it is alright ?

Its an amazing structure on the side of the ridge. Its huge walls are extremely tall and impressive. From a distance the fort glows a beautiful red in the late-afternoon sun. We’re left to wander the long hallways and giant public spaces within the palace. 

Its a bit disappointing on the interior, which has been allowed to age rather poorly. Most of the interior is blackened by air pollution, acid rain and thousands of tourist’s hands. The interior rooms are full of graffiti and crumbling floors, instead of the impressive frescoes and carvings at other palaces of equal magnitude. Its too bad a few people need to wreck such lovely things by carving their names into 100’s of year old hand painted murals…

As i mentioned, the elephants only work till noon, when we reach the queue for the ride is already very long. When i say long it isn’t like those you get when you visit a theme park. 


 I didn’t really get to hold the camera. It was too shaky, and i was a little scared. Haha. I thought i was going to fall off. Can’t really use words to describe that feeling, but i didn’t regret overall.

India’s painted elephants.Here’s a pic of the elephant I rode to amber fort


Strangers posing at my camera

img_3877 1012407_679668842048682_1921117421_n 1012864_679668862048680_596798127_n


Along the way i encountered this.  Thought it was for punishment, you know.. those really cruel punishment for prisoners…

But this ? No worries. I was wrong. My tour guide told me that it’s used as a cooking pot. Yes, for the people in the palace. It’s really huge! Maybe it’s not so obvious in here.



img_3923 (1)



By the way, photographers should take note of this. Can you see the guy in orange in the picture above? Well think twice before taking pictures in India. Most of them work as “models” for you to photograph? And of course you will have to pay them. After taking this picture the guy in orange was asking me for money, i was so scared that i nearly run away. But there were 2 photographers beside me who did the same thing, but braver, in a sense that they stood really near to photograph him, and they almost ended up fighting. Saw one of the tourist encountered the same thing as well at Amber Fort, the lady he shot was asking him for money, and kept following the tourist but the tourist didn’t give her any.


I don’t know whether they are allowed to do that to us or not, but if they really ask for it just either give them or stop shooting and walk away. Don’t end up in a fight! or quarrel! Plus it’s our fault in the first place, we shouldn’t be shooting them like that.

Few More Pics of Amber Fort

img_3920 Indian elephants and their Mahouts, Amber Fort, India amer-fort-fresco elephant-ride-up-to-amer-fort india-21

And this is how i ended my day at Amber fort.

It’s getting late now i should go.



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