Day 1 Hawa Mahal @ Jaipur

You just can’t be in the Pink City and not pass by this imposing and charming structure of yore.

This is the Hawa Mahal or the ‘Palace of the winds’. It was built in 1799 by the poet-king Sawai Pratap Singh for the royal ladies to enjoy the various processions or day to day activities from the cool confines of this splendid structure. That was the era when women were not allowed outside and used to maintain ghunghat (purdah system). Built in exquisite Rajputana architecture, this 5 storied semi-octagonal and honeycombed structure comprises of 953 niches and 152 windows.

There is crazy traffic all around; still tourists stop by to relive the opulence of the bygone era. No wonder then, it has become the hallmark of Jaipur and also the most recognizable and photographed monument of this city.

Jaipur City: Capital of Rajasthan in India

Anyone can be mesmerized by the ancient sculpturing that reflects Rajputana culture too. It is meant for royal ladies so that they could have a view of the city. Hawa Mahal was built by Lal Chand Usta with pink sand stones. Many tourists can find it similar to Fatehpur Sikri because it has the floral patterns used by then Mughals.

One can make an entrance into the building through the Giant door which also connects City Palace. Tourist used to visit Hawa Mahal to enjoy viewing Jaipur from the Jharokas which is indeed great fun. Thus to enjoy the real beauty of Hawa Mahal, plan a trip to Jaipur now! Apart from this you can see many other tourist attractions also.

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  1. Loved your pictures and your stories. You might like to check my blog out about my four months in incredible India….namaste…. Anne

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