Young and versatile Madhu Kalyan and his take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Thank you Kiriti for sharing


A software professional turned Poet, that is Madhu Kalyan from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Hello Madhu, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in Twist of Fate, an international charity anthology by Stephen L Wilson. I wish to ask you few things, are you ready ?


Madhu: Thank you, Kiriti. Yes I am ready to answer you.


Kiriti: How did you come to know of the anthology ? Was this your conscious decision to contribute ?


Madhu: I came to know about this from JusFiction Edition Group post which was posted by Allan Jankowski. After coming to know about Twist of Fate group I decided to write a poem and a short story. Yeah actually I once experienced the pain of tsunami which had happened few years back, that made me decide.



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