Things to do when you’re bored

Things to do when you’re bored:

Things to do when you’re bored:

• Stand outside a nursing home as the Grim Reaper

• Wait around corners and scare random people

• Sign up for informational meetings and when you get there say ‘gosh darned it I thought this was about where to get drugs’ and then leave

• Go out and adopt fifty puppies

• Go to the park, get no higher than five feet, jump and scream ‘I can fly!’

• Travel to Area 51, and tell them a green alien looking thingy traveled out about an hour ago

• Make something, give it to someone, and then five minutes later scream at them to ‘give it back’

• Get a lemonade stand, give out free samples, then write on a clip board while saying aloud that they couldn’t taste the roofies

• Run into a store, ask what year it is, and when they tell you run out screaming ‘it worked!’

• Start dancing at a public place, then get mad whenever someone looks at you

• Go into an office building, wait in someone’s office, then when someone comes in say ‘I’ve been expecting you’ and claim you own the building.

• Steal someone’s phone, then replace all the numbers with fast food restaurants

• Name your dog ‘Dog’ and your cat ‘Cat’

• Buy a pet rock and ask why no one else does

• Write your own list of things to do when you’re bored.

• Go to the zoo. When you leave shout ‘run for your lives, they’ve escaped!’ while running as fast as you can.

• Go to any electronic store, change all the laptop desktops to the blue screen of death

• Change the ink cartridge to an empty one

• Go out naked, when people say something irritably say that you are wearing clothes, and that their one’s who are naked.

• Get three animals, write the #1 one the first one, #2 on the second one, and #4 on the third one. Release in a closed building and watch everyone go crazy for the third animal.



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