We sit here and wonder why others judge us, but at often times we end up judging ourselves before we even walk out into the snowy plains of life. We wonder and ponder the life that may come to us by the judgmental people that stand in front of the gate called happiness and we can’t seem to think of why they do such a thing. We begin to judge ourselves before anything then when we see them agreeing with what we saw before us; we believe that they are right.

You’re Too Fat.
You’re Too Skinny.
You’re Covered In Pimples.
You’re Voice Is Too High.
You’re Voice Is Too Deep.
You’re Clingy.
You’re Dumb.
A Spazz.
A Loser.
A Idiot.
A Nerd.

Then we stand and lower our heads letting out a breath of, “I know.” When really if they are right, then why have we kept striving on to be who we are. The judge that they are, call out a case that has no verdict and has no one that is guilty. We may seem not as pretty or as beautiful to you but what does it matter. Why must we subjugate ourselves to being someone that you must accept, when really it’s ourselves that we want to. We want your acceptance because in all we judges ourselves because we don’t know what is right or wrong before you, the beautiful people, speak.


We hear you talking about us, as our ears twitch to your whispers. No we will not fall, we will be that wall that can stand strong no matter what, that brick wall with the words “I Am Beautiful” spray painted and left as a permanent mark on it because we know that we are right. We judge ourselves yet we must stand tall so that when we hear the whispers from others, or the names that that become bullets, we are able to stand with a bullet proof vest even though yes we know it’s hard. We gain cracks in our wall along the way because we are unsure of what is right about us or not. But even when that comes we still must learn to seal those cracks because no matter what they say or what they do they are wrong! We are a being that is us, like a caterpillar making it’s crawl across a busy highway, we will soon get into our cocoon then bloom as the beauty that we all know that we are.

But the first thing we must know is not to stop ourselves before we go across the highway, that when we yell at ourselves in our mind, those are the bullets we can not protect from. Yes we all know that it is hard not to listen to our own words, because there is no where to escape them unless you let your mind become at ease of who you are. That before you see those people in front of the gates of happiness, you must not have holes in yourself from your own words plastered along you. Because no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, no matter how many times that they try to bring you down or make you feel like a discarded paper along the halls of your school/College/Office. You must know that, this.

You Are Beauty.
You Are Strong.
You Are Great.
You Are You.
And That Is A Person No Matter What Will Be Amazing.


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