Life, what is it? Why are we here? What is the reason we are here, on earth? If you think about it, there is no reason. Is there?

Us humans, beautiful but yet disgusting. We are good looking, nice and kind. That’s what we all seem to be, but everyone has a dark side. No matter how nice and kind, we all have it, crawling deep inside us.

Demons. Demons is what we call them, but its not demons. Humans kill, rape, harm, and start wars. Demons are what we call each other, and to afraid to admit that we all are like that some way or another.


They say Earth is dying, if humans weren’t alive the Earth wound be just fine. Animals wouldn’t be dying out and they would be free. Not many people realize this, but think about this, its true.

Many pray to who ever the pray to, praying that everything will be fine. Many are thinking the police will help, and life will go on like normal. No, if there was no good, then there would be no evil. Do you understand? If you don’t, that’s fine, not every one does.

Still, I’m wondering, why is there life? We aren’t worthy of it. Beaning the evil things we are. Dark thoughts filling our minds. All about murder or lust and everything else horrid.

If you think you’re not dark and evil, think again. Go into your mind, can you see it?  Crawling around, gross looking, your worst fears and thoughts come together. Yeah, its there. In dreams, in your mind, and sometimes, in your actions.

Some give in to their dark thoughts. Some think them, but don’t give in. And then there is the some who don’t realize the thoughts, or don’t admit them.


Don’t say someone is controlling your thoughts. We all have them at some point in time. Its only a matter of time before we all give in to these thoughts.

Who knows, maybe life is some sick game created by God himself.


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