Music is Me

The headphones go on
The volume goes up
The world goes away
My mind is calm
I’m finally at peace
In among the fray

The bass is booming
The words are flowing
My mind starts to wander
The clock is ticking
My time is ending
I wish I could stay longer

But my time is up
I’m reluctant to leave
Still the headphones go away
Time to face the facts
Time for reality
Oh how I wish I could stay


Its hell out there
I feel so alone
Even though I have friends
It’s just my 
Silly, broken heart
That just refuses to mend

The only thing that gets
Me through each day
Is the constant music that’s played
Inside my head
Played all the time
Because of it my souls been saved

Music is my mind
Music is my heart
Music is my soul
Music is my everything
Music is the only thing
That will ever make my whole




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