I really loved you

You’re the one i really missed.

I regret that we have never kissed.

I’m just in love with you.

Only you wouldn’t believe that it was true.

For loving you i’m sorry.

I guess i will get over it so don’t worry.

You were my one and only loving dear.

You leaving me was my only fear.

I hoped you were the one to make my life complete.

I guess it’s not up to me to compete.

My only wish was to be your’s.

Love u

The only thing is to me you’re keep closing doors.

Maybe to you not the wisest thing to open up my heart.

It’s not your fault and i don’t blame you, it already was torn a part.

To you i wish all the luck with happiness and joy.

With in the future an excellent relationship to deploy.

Now the only thing i think: too bad it isn’t with me. But you being happy is the only thing i want to see.

I hope you even ever loved or cared about me and didn’t thought it was funny.

But it’s not, unfortunately.

From the bottom of my heart i really loved you.

Maybe you just didn’t want me too.

Well i always said you deserved a better guy then i will ever be.

I guess you found the one that is to you, so i can only say you got a friend in me.

But it was a single headed love so i guess to you it doesn’t matter. 

It’s not to me for saying sorry and beg you to stay. Only sorry for falling in love with you and all the things i said.

Meeting you is a thing i will never regret or forget.

For me i hope you’re love to me will ever grow.

but well….. who will ever know…..?

Just be yourself and lucky in life.

In my wishes you would be my wife.

……..only this is real life…….


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