Your Smile..

When you smile..
And laugh..
And look at me..

Its one of the best feelings…
That is the moment ..
When I don’t remember..
But is the same moment I’ll have forever..


I just stay there in…
My mind for a while…
Laughing as well ..
like a child.

I feel like the world..
Is perfect again..
Almost heaven.

I don’t have to think
About making mistakes..
Or worry about…
What will happen next.

There is nothing now to fix…
Everything is accomplished..
In that single moment.

I will help you…
Understand you…
And try to…
make you smile.

I don’t want you to feel what I feel..
I don’t want you to be sad one bit..
No one should suffer the pain I am suffering
Not even for a little bit.
all you gotta do is smile…


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