“For a Mother who held you close as a child, for a Sister who kept you away from hurt, for a Girlfriend who loved you. Happy Women’s Day”

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It’s impossible to tell about them and not think about their beauty, sensuality and the pleasure almost infinite that they give to us, men.

However, I’m not here to write about this.

I’m here to write about other things, like their intelligence and sensibility to solve problems and do things, like drawing, for example.

I’m here to write about their gentle and pleasant voice (which sometimes can be powerful enough to move us) when they sing.

I’m here to write about their friendly support and advises during our childhood, adolescence and even in the adulthood.

I’m also here to write about their beauty and exuberance pleasant to our male eyes,  which inspire many artists.

Yes, I’m glad for their existence, which is a “little detail” to some but to me, without them, this planet would be a boring place to live, without telling

With who we men, would learn to be as sensible and rational ?

By the way: they can be as strong, courageous and determined like us, men, which shows how they’re not fragile as we may think.

Have a nice day, women.


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