I hit wall

Stars are circling my head.I’m confused and dazed. A pain is shooting across the top of my head.


I’ve hit a wall. Why can’t I keep going, this wall feels like it was put up at the last minute.I didn’t see it and now I’ve crashed. I’ve gone down this way before and the road was clear. Now these obstacles in the way are making my life so much harder. What was once a clear smooth road now feels like bumps, holes and now this wall. This 20 foot wall I can’t climb it, I cant walk around it. What can I do to continue on, I feel helpless, my breath is short and my chest feels constricted. As I brush off the daze and my headache subsides I get nervous, depressed and worried will I be able to get to the other side will I have to turn back will I be stuck….



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