Everyone writes about broken dreams, whether love is worth the pain, the crushed dreams of yesterday and chipped hearts incomplete. Everyone writes out of insecurities of the beautiful that brings us anguish of a heartfull. I believe that the more negative things we spread in this world, the darker this world will become. And if only we could learn to share in action and words of the things we should live for, then this world may just have become just a little bit better than before.

We should never forfeit the good things in life because of the bad,and make our decisions in life based sole upon them. The most valuable things in life are definitely hardest to hold onto, and lies to oneself, pain, fear, or anguish definitely isn’t one of them, not if it comes so easy to hold onto.

I write to spread love, the true kind. And if you can come to see it in the world around you, then you know how special it can be, how hard sometimes it is to hold on to. But more than anything, it’s something we should never forfeit in life because of the bad.


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