The more I’ve gotten into photography I’ve started to realize that people are a LOT like art itself… Just like for art we each have our own likes/interests in pieces of work, some like imaged art where some like written art. We all have the taste for art though whether it be music, photography, poetry, drawing, etc. We all have it in a different form and style.Even with everyone’s interests being different it all boils down to the exact same thing we all share “Art”. Just like we have in other people we all have different views on people everyone likes different aspects or qualities in others yet some people like the same person as others. Some like the cute energetic type which is like their drawing/painting. Some like the emotional let nothing hide type which is like their poetry and others like the sensual romantic loving type which is like their photography. We may even get our artistic thoughts from others whether it’s because we need to release an emotion or simply to show the person how much we care about them. But even with all of this the views we have for others just like with art boils down to one main thing we all have and that’s love. All art is about is the viewing of a certain emotion, scenery or even a thought.. and all Love is about is the viewing of ones personality, heart, or even looks.. so all in all with this said I believe it’s safe to say everyone has the artistic skill and everyone is like an extravagant work of art in someones eyes.


“The beauty in art is nothing else but the essence, the creation!”


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