Conversation between Heart & Brain

I don’t know really this just all popped up in my head on like what I feel like my heart could be telling me and how my brain responses LOL

Heart Brain

Heart-“Do you miss her?”
Brain-“Why does it matter? She doesn’t care. So why answer. There’s no point. No point at all. What do I get? Get if I answered. Nothing? Exactly.”
Heart-“Do you still care for her”
Brain-“Sadly I do. Not a day stops,but she won’t let me in. So why try?”
Heart-“Because you love her”
Brain-“Love means nothing if they don’t love you back”
Heart-“Is that so?”
Brain-“Yeah. So stop with the questions.”
Heart-“Why are you giving up?”
Brain-“Because she already likes someone. The end. There’s no point.”
Heart-“You know her herself even said she didn’t know what she’s fully feeling.”
Brain-“Yeah blah blah blah blah”
Heart-“Do you think giving up will show her you actually do want her back?”
Brain-“No” pause and lets out a sigh “But she’s getting annoyed”
Heart-“Because you aren’t giving her the space she asked for.”
Brain-“I’m trying I try so hard but” pauses again
Heart-“But what?”
Brain-“I don’t know. I just want her back”
Heart-“Then give her her space and let her think things through and show her you changed and won’t go through rage and your bipolarity is fading”
Brain-“I know I know I know”
Heart-“I miss her too”
Brain-“Of course you do you beat for her every second of the day as memories flash through me”
Heart-“So are you going to give up?”
Brain-“I doubt it but I’ll give her her space but I’m scared”
Heart-“Scared of what?”
Brain-“She’ll realize she never wants me back ever and notice I’m just a dud and she did lust over me”
Heart-“You know you need to quit being negative or the results will be negative”
Brain-“Of course. I should know this already.”
Heart-“Well you’re not acting on what you know”
Brain-“I know.”
Heart-“You know then do something about it”
Brain-“I guess so”
Heart-“Now let her be and think and if she decides to be done and not realize you are changing for her and the times you spent together are just memories then let it be”
Heart-“We might be in love with her she doesn’t have to be in love with us back it’s alright she lusted over us we just have to be strong together. Someone will come and actually be in love with us. Even though there will not be a day where you won’t stop thinking of her and I will beat for her.”
Brain-“I understand.”


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