I believe that how you start your day is probably how you will finish it. Today  I woke up and I was like today is going to be a fabulous day and it was. There’s an opportunity that I want and I’m going to make sure that I go for it. So many things lined up that made it easy for me to ask for what I wanted. It was kind of like God was looking down and saying OK Madhu, I can’t make this ANY easier for you haha. Go get what you want! But this year I’ve been trying to get into a morning routine. There are certain things I do every morning when I get up to set the standard for the day.


Today I went to Badruka College for admission and i was looking around at every corner of this spaced room is nothing but a silence. No one is there except me.After some time room was filled with all the students.Soon officials started admission process(Group Discussion + Personal Interview) and i am into group E, that was last group for GD. I was so tensed and nervous because this is my first GD.They took me into one class room along with other students for GD. The topic was “Today’s youth are Greedy“.They gave me five minutes to prepare for the topic and i took my mobile and making notes about the topic. One of the official from Badruka said not to use mobile and gave me piece of note to write. I don’t know how to start, where to start. I wrote lot in paper but nothing was good. Everyone started discussing the topic given. I started with “I want to share few things but i am little bit nervous cuz its my first GD and i want to go slow” and then started sharing my views and at last minute i shared about my personal experience , how much greedy i was before and also shared about Facebook founder Mark greediness towards his girl friends LOL. While discussing  i saw everyone’s eyes and mouth with wide open, I felt i made a impact there.I came to know officials impressed with their smiles and by how they treat me after GD.Everyone came to me after GD and asking about me, where i am from and where i work..etc. Later i attended personal interview and there i saw my score and it was full out of full and i was like YAY, the official admitted me into their B-School.

It was great day!

Until tomorrow everyone, create a wonderful day or night.


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