The world has moved on…

Olio talk by Suchitra Kaushiva

Much has happened in India since December 16, 2012.

Her family, friends and loved ones are perhaps still trying to come to terms with their irreplaceable loss. The accused have been charged with abduction, gang rape and murder and a magistrate has called for another hearing later this week. The government has given assurances to the public that this case will be handled on a “fast-track” basis. Political leaders and religious factions have made an equal proportion of grandiose and downright silly public statements. After a few technical glitches, the Delhi government finally managed to get its act together and set up 181, the much-publicised 24/7 telephone helpline for women in distress, though I imagine it would be somewhat difficult to dial the helpline while one is being victimised. Young India has taken up the tragedy as its own and is up in arms against the government and the legal…

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