My Writing

My writing is my haven.
It’s one of the only places in the universe where I’m free.
It’s where I control the game pieces.
I write what I don’t have the courage to say.
And I don’t have any courage.
My writing is the one of the only places where I’m happy.
Were people don’t hurt me, break my heart, or get mad at me for no reason.
My writing is my Home.
I write who I truly am, and it would surprise some people.
I write what I deal with.
Even though some none of you will ever see.
My writing is Me.

Today i was so bored inside & outside. Tried to entertain myself watching anime, playing games, hearing to music but still bored.Felt writing something so i  wrote this.

Yeah . . I love my writing (even though most of it sucks). It tells . . Who I am. That’s why I love it so much.

Now I’m listening to my Mom get mad at my brother for no reason (hasn’t she ever heard of forgiving?). Yeah. I have a REAL FUN life.


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