Two flavors

When I’m not talking to you, I’m thinking of you.
When you’re away, I’m hurting inside for you.

Heart sinking,
Belly aching,
Mind numbing,
Hurt for you.

I miss you.

When I’m talking to you, I’m thinking of us.
When you’re with me I come alive.

Heart beating,
Belly flying,
Mind racing,
Alive for you.

I love you.



  1. I don’t want to pry. I understand if you don’t know how to or do not wish to respond to my inquiry. But does your relationship, which inspired that poem, hold promise to you of future happiness? I’m sorry to cast a shadow on your beautiful emotion for this person. Your poem is important–more true than lovers who falter, forgetting what’s important. Please consider this comment a praise to your expression of something worthy of remembering. Your heartfelt connection to this other person touched my heart.

    1. I stick to my promise that i will never leave her alone whatever the situation and the person i am in love is my crush and she rejected my proposal 😦
      I still have hope that one day she will come.

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