Pod Lunch

Went to Khao gali today.Nice buffet with some open stove options. It is bound to happen since it is closest to our office and office people like to give lunches for visiting expats etc here, and why not its just few meters away from office. The food was as always average but i was happy as they had their basics right.


My meat eater colleagues told me that the chicken and sea food dishes are great.But few dishes in veg are not that much good (maybe an advice to listen… but its buffet… whatever). What got to me this time was their chat/omelette counter.I had a bite of omelette and soon i regretted because its Thursday. Starting of the year i broke promise with god eating omelette forgetting him in excitement as it was first pod lunch with my colleagues .One of my colleagues brought in a plate of papdi chat which was good.

We are watching INDIA vs PAKISTAN ODI match while we are having lunch,it was fun shouting when wickets are down.

The only thing that impressed me was the dessert. Normally you don’t have someone making an ice-cream sundae for you.

I felt ambiance didn’t seem that good. It was alright though.

Still i enjoyed my lunch with my colleagues…


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