Great Day

It has been such a great day, and I’m just so so happy like before how i used to be.

After spending good time with Ranju,i reached home at around 2 i guess.I couldn’t sleep properly because of my brother,he was keep on disturbing me.I slept around 4 i guess but soon i woke up soon at 6 after getting a call from a sweetest person.After hearing to her voice  i felt like -Hey my new year just started.

I took my bath and got ready soon so that i can meet my childhood friends. I met Neethi and Sindhu around 10 :30 am .I met Sindhu after so many years , good to see her again.After meeting at one place we decided to go got GO CARTING at RUNWAY 9.It was fun travelling in bus talking,gossiping,laughing,taking snaps. After one hour of travelling we reached RUNWAY9.



It was first drive to Neethi and Sindhu. They were little bit nervous before , after one lap they were like WOW ITS AWESOME.I felt relived. Wish we could have more time so that we can spend some more time .We had so much fun taking snaps,giving poses,irritating carting workers.

After carting we rushed to dhaba for lunch. We went to Taj daba one of my favorite one . A non vegetarian like me its hard to order veg dishes from the menu. We ordered Manchuria,chilly paneer,Kaju paneer,naans,egg burji my fav one :D. After having nice food we had a small walk and later we started to home back.

It was a great day with my friends and enjoyed a lot.It was also a beautiful day in my eyes




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