My 31st Night


I had one of the best New Year‘s eves with my friend Ranju at Aros Lounge Madhapur. Such a fun and crazy night, filled with 90’s Jazz,laughter,wine,food,full of surprises… never thought Ranju  turn out like this.

We ordered  soup,salads,burritos,starters for dinner.She was talking about her holiday trip at Sydney recently she went.Enjoyed the jazz.We danced for a while.. thank god she dint drink this time or else it would have turn messy like last time.

I was chatting with my facebook friend creya and talking with ranju. She got pissed off and took my mobile,hide it in her handbag where guy’s hand cant reach LOL.

At 11:55 everyone took break from dance and started countdown,meanwhile she took me to top of the lounge.We went crazy there,shouting each other names,screaming outside.

Top floor, what a view
The whole city celebrating
The ending of a year, as a new one begins
All the colors, all the loud bangs
Fireworks above the city
Blue, red and green sparkles light up the sky
shadowing for the stars


After the party we went to Jubilee hills for open air cinema.Watched Hangover II with no popcorn,missing my galaxy S3.

My craziest night of my life ever i had.



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